Monday 22 March 2010

Quiet Days

I should have been clearing, sorting and organising today, but my shoulder hurt, and we were both tired all day! So today has been a thinking day for me and a growing day for Joseph.

I found this delightful recipe today. I didn't make pizza, but I did make the bread, it was amazing, so much easier than making naan bread! So easy it should be illegal! Joseph sat on his bumbo whilst I made it. He had his with marscapone cheese, fresh figs and banana. I cooked ours later with slow roasted lamb shoulder. It tasted like souvlaki from the Parthenon in Hobart. Well, almost!

As well as cooking I have spent the day pondering. After over 7 months of room sharing Joseph will soon have his own room. For years I have dreamed of having a beautifully decorated children's bedroom. I have decided to do a pirate theme in Joseph's room. I hope he likes pirates! He used to do the most delightful pirate face when he was very little before he had any fat on his face!

I was considering a mural but now after visiting this blog, am thinking of pirate dioramas instead, with paint and paper. I am sure it won't look anything like Charlotte's!!! Aren't they just darling?

So tomorrow it will be back to packing, tidying and organising, and little time for daydreaming, or trying new recipes!

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