Saturday 13 March 2010

There are Many Many Mothers....

It's Mothering Sunday tomorrow, and it will be a happy day for me, spending it with my husband and my beautiful son. It will be a day of celebration and happiness. But today, for me, is for reflection and to think of those around me who do not have their children with them.

Mother's Day is not a happy day for many people, many of my close friends, people I have met through this journey. Or a bittersweet day, for those who have children, but not all their children with them.

I made a very close friend in special care, and we spend time together every week. She has a beautiful daughter, but she should have another daughter, a twin for her beautiful, feisty surviving daughter.

This week I have spent time raising awareness of Evan's Butterfly Ball. Evan was born on Valentine's Day last year. At 27 weeks, like my son Joseph. His mum Emma had pre eclampsia.

But Evan didn't win his fight. He fought and fought so bravely for 9 months, and died in his father's arms at home. But even more sadly, Evan had two brothers, who were there to meet him when he grew his wings.

There are many, many mothers this Sunday who will feel sad, who grieve, who need a card, a hug, some flowers, to be told that this day means no less for them, than it does for those mothers, like me, who are blessed beyond measure.

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