Saturday 1 January 2011

The Blog Dare

I've recently joined Bloggy Moms and they running a dare, giving a topic to post on each day. I love blogging but sometimes I find it hard to think of things day after day, and then sometimes end up going days or weeks without blogging anything.

This is today's dare.

What is your resolution for 2011?  Do you often make a resolution and not keep it?  What is the longest you have kept a New Years resolution?  What is your most often chosen New Years resolution?  What do you think about New Years resolutions?
I blogged about New Year's resolutions yesterday so won't repeat them here. But the other questions are interesting.

I don't often make New Year's Resolutions, as I feel that they often end up being the source of disappointment, I do however, like to set goals.

One year, 2005, I set my usual resolution "to lose weight" and managed to lose 5 stone. Unfortunately it found me again. I stuck to my resolution steadfastly for 2 years, it was too much. This is my most common one. I really do need to lose weight, the problem is, I have loads to lose, and it gets me down, and then I eat, and then I think "oh why bother". But I really do have to change my mindset and get down to it. She says, whilst looking at a tin of Quality Street. Ho hum.

At least I know better now what I need to do. Last time I was too devoted, I worked too hard, and got burnt out. I need to focus more on exercise, and on good healthy food. I don't eat a bad diet on the whole. I know what I need to do, and that's eat a bigger, more nutritious breakfast, eat more filling fruit and vegetables, and cut out sugary drinks and chocolate. It won't be that bigger deal, the big thing is I need to exercise more. I need to walk more, take Joseph for nice long walks, perhaps start swimming of an evening a couple of times a week for some "me time". 

I think goal setting is important, but all year round. The goal you set in a champagne haze on December 31st whilst listening to the Hootenanny might not be relevant come July. I think its important to review goals regularly, to adjust them, or create new ones. I think resolutions can be our best friend, or our worst enemy. If you make it and forget about it, and get to November and realise you haven't lost weight/given up smoking/saved £10 a week, you can get depressed and it may put you off from goals setting.

This year, I intend to be more mindful of my goals. Last year my only resolution was to get over my post traumatic stress disorder and enjoy life again, I feel this year I can be a little more ambitious!

So Happy New Year all, and I hope this year you can resolve to stick to your resolutions! 

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