Monday 17 January 2011

Controversy Week

Today's blog dare is to write about a controversy in our chosen area that our blog normally concentrates on. I asked my followers on the Not Even a Bag of Sugar Facebook page for some suggestions, and have enough for a week. So I have decided to spend the week focussing on some controversial topics in the area of premature and poorly babies.

Some of the topics will be technical, such as the use of sucrose in the management of pain in premature babies, some will be very difficult topics, such as should mothers with a history of pre term birth keep producing babies, which are such a drain on NHS resources.

During this week I am bound to raise some hackles, or perhaps upset some readers, which is not my intention. The views I will express are purely my own, and are hopefully balanced, but I think it's important to not shy away from controversial topics but to embrace it, discuss it, and thrash it out in public.

I hope you find this week interestng and challenging, and please share your views too.

1 comment:

  1. Very much looking forward to reading these posts. Waiting impatiently!