Sunday 16 January 2011

Writer's block

I'm having a brain freeze today. Some days when I blog I am overflowing with ideas, some days I am so grateful for the blog prompts on The Blog Dare, and other days I'm just frozen. The prompt today is about product reviews. I don't appear to be that sort of blogger. I don't know if I want to be that sort of blogger.

To be fair I have done one product review for Tiny Little Baby . But I bought the product and blogged about it because I felt it would help others. I didn't want or expect anything from the review at all, like any good book, I just wanted to shout about it, to help others in my position, wanting to document their babies first weeks but finding that normal record books just didn't cover it.

So I don't feel I can do this topic justice. I have no feelings one way or the other about product reviews, only that my blog doesn't seem to be the typical "mummy blogger" sort of blog, but there's loads of other mummies who don't fit the "typical" profile! If there is one!

This weekend has been about getting ready for our flight to Australia, of getting toys and bags ready, and buying clothes for Joseph, most of which came from our local charity shops. This week will be a restful one, hopefully, as last week was a very administrative type of week, organising Visas for Australia (although a dual citizen I buy a Visa, so that Joseph and I are going through together on our British Passports, and besides which I forgot to change my Aussie passport to my married name, and I have to go out on my British, switch to Australia to enter and vice versa.. With a toddler, my brain is highly likely to be addled and I'll make a mistake!

I am looking forward to seeing some sunshine, and seeing my mum, so perhaps I will leave you with a photo, of Joseph enjoying a rare moment of English sunshine in Hyde Park this year.

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