Saturday 15 January 2011

Never Give Up, Never Ever Ever.....

Today's blog dare, following "the worst mother" is "the best mother", what one thing makes you the best mother ever, even if it was just for 5 minutes.

I've told our story here before, that Joseph was born at 27 weeks, weighing 1lb 7oz. We had a few scares on the way, looking back, fairly normal premmie scares, but when you are going through the journey, you have no idea what is normal and what is not, and its only with the passage of time that I can see that our 10 weeks was pretty uneventful in some ways, although very much eventful when we were going through it.

I am proud of myself that I never gave up. And not only that I never have up on Joseph, but I never gave in either. I am quite an unconventional person in some ways. I am never all that bothered about what people think of me. And I approached Joseph's stay in a way that seems pretty unique.

It was important for me to have "things to do". I bought a baby massage book which included a section on special situations, such as babies in NICU. I found ways to do baby massage. I had always spoken to Joseph in the womb, so I kept doing it. We talked about all sorts of things. I even wrote down what I was going to talk to him about each day.

I sang songs, and I read books. The staff thought I was a little eccentric. One of the doctors thought I was a bit mental. He said to me once "do you realise your the mother of a pre term infant", to be met with "really? They don't all come in plastic boxes, are you sure?"

I think when you have parented in a scary situation, it makes you tough, and proud, and even more barmy than you were at the beginning!

I would never call myself the "best mum" but I do think I'm a good 'un and that our experience has made me a better one than I would have been.

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