Thursday 6 January 2011

Up the Duff!

Today's Blog dare is good one, the day I found out I was pregnant!

It was a cold, wet day, late in November. I'd had carpal tunnel syndrome for over six months, and was really struggling with it, I'd had tried conservative management which had worked well, but it was getting to the stage that working with it was really hard, so I'd decided to have surgery.

That day I'd been to the hospital for an EMG test on my wrists, and had seen the lovely surgeon and we fixed a date. On the way home I decided to pop in the chemists to get a pregnancy test.

When we got married, we decided not to "try" to have a baby, but not to stop it either. Neither of us held out much hope of falling pregnant, due to previous problems.

I didn't "feel" pregnant, hadn't had any sickness or felt particularly different, I just wanted to be sure, before I underwent surgery, that I wasn't pregnant. I came home, and my husband was already there. Just before tea I popped into the loo and did my thing on the stick. I'd bought a fancy test, a Clearblue digitial. It shows the words and an estimate of how many weeks.

I peed, and then tidied up a bit went and looked at the stick. "Pregnant 2-3 weeks".

I could not believe it, I rushed out to hubby, we both cried, and we grinned from ear to ear.

As for the carpal tunnel I had a phone conversation with the surgeon, who said it would probably improve during the first and second trimester but get significantly worse in the third trimester, and he would send me to his physiotherapist once it got too hard to manage.

Of course I missed that bit, and my carpal tunnel has never returned!

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