Wednesday 27 April 2011

My Baby Goes Beep!

I had never heard this song until today. It's by an American folk singer called Hugh Blumenfeld, who seems, from my brief research into his career, a very interesting bloke!

I've been wanting to write a post about how its different for mum's of premature babies. I know a lot of mummies at the moment who are going through the ordeal and delight which is the baby's first birthday. For a lot of mums this isn't always a happy event. When you've had a premature baby the days and weeks leading up to the birth may have been frightenint and bewlidering, even more so the days, weeks and months after the birth of the baby.

I really love this song, because its a happy one, I feel it celebrates the difference between having a premature baby (or a baby born too sick), rather than lamenting it. Perhaps now, its a better song for me than "Wires" my previous song I related to, because it has optimism, and a little humour.

My baby didn't cry, or gurgle, he beeped! And he had lots of little friends that beeped too. And that's a lovely thing. He wasn't alone! And I'm not either. I am part of a rich community who had babies that beeped, and we can all help each other work out what that means for us now, and to move beyond it.


  1. What a great song!!! Going to play this at Esther and William's christening next year x

  2. Samantha Wallace23 October 2011 at 19:46

    Just looking at some of your older posts and found this. What a lovely up beat song, you never forget the beeps!