Sunday 8 May 2011


Today Joseph turned two. It's been a busy day! Joseph was up in the night, which is very rare, he woke up having a nightmare, and came in and had huge cuddles, and fell asleep in my arms, which he never does. Maybe he realised today is a momentous day!

I was up at 7am, and obligingly Joseph decided to sleep til 9, bless him. Joseph's paternal grandparents are staying with us, and we were all anxious for him to get up and open his presents.

I had set myself the monumental task of making Bienenstich Joseph's absolute favourite cake. Now if you read this recipe and think it might be a nice idea to give it a try, my advice to you is not to bother. Good lord, I am a pretty experienced baker, but it was hard work! Never again.......however, it did taste fabulous, and importantly, authentic!

This afternoon I did a big Sunday lunch with the grandparents, and Joseph's great aunt Maevis. Joseph has had loads of gifts, the highlights being lots of Playmobil 1-2-3 and an In The Night Garden Easel. We have had some masterpieces in chalk already.

And now, all is quiet. Aunty Maevis and Grandma have gone for a walk, the men are in the pub watching the Manchester United, and Joseph, full of cake, is sound asleep.

And me, I can't stop thinking about how amazing, and how ordinary life is. Joseph is walking, he's talking, he's eating with cutlery. He has caught up to his peers more or less.

I have been looking at pictures, and listening to "Wires" and so glad that it's finally true. "Looking at you now, you would never know".

We are blessed, and happy, and can't wait to see what the coming year brings.


  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day. Glad Joseph had a fantastic day!!xx

  2. You forgot to mention the amazing pull-along ellie... ;)

    I'm so happy for you all :)