Wednesday 11 May 2011

Having a Premature Baby - It's Not All Bad!

One of my good friends on Facebook posted a note this week about the positive side of having a premature baby, and I'd like to share some of what was written. I am not being flippant, there are sizeable negatives, and some very sad things about having a small, poorly, early baby, but it isn't all bad!

1. Your baby's clothes last a lot longer! Joseph is wearing shorts that he had last year, but were ankle length, now they're three quarter length, next year they might fit! They're 6-9 months! He's 2.

2. Hospital dramas make much more sense!

3. You get to see the last trimester in action, your baby developing in ways that other mummies don't get to see. When Joseph was born he didn't have nipples, or ears! Just a hole where they should be!

4. Every single milestone is better than winning the lottery.

5. Your little one still passes for under two and gets in for free at soft play etc

6. After experiencing changing a poo-ey nappy in an incubator, diffusing a bomb would be a walk in the park.

7. After a stay in NICU, you could diffuse the bomb next to the sleeping baby and they wouldn't wake up!

8. Health Visitors know better than to mess with a preemie mum!

9. You fit into your pre maternity clothes quicker!

10. You have your baby as a baby for longer.

11. You get a lot of support in learning how to look after your newborn! And every nurse does things differently so you can choose the methods that work for you!

12. You get to sound intelligent with your NICU jargon!

13. Nothing beats the feeling of bringing your premature baby home!

14. Your baby gets 2 birthdays! Like the Queen!

15. Clothes for tiny babies are adorable, and beautiful old ladies knit the loveliest things, and due to infection control, you get to keep them.

16. We get to see the look of wonder on people's faces when we tell them about our baby's birthweight!

17. The best one is that when you have a premature baby there is a community of loving, caring parents, who have walked in your shoes, who have felt what your feeling, and are ready to give a hug, a comforting word, or non-annoying advice.

This post is dedicated to Gemma and Charlie.

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  1. Great post Kylie; comes across as beautifully humuourous with your lovely touching style as always.

    hope you are ok x