Sunday 4 September 2011

The Best

I love reading magazines, but one of our post baby money saving tactics was, sadly, no more magazines for me. So imagine my delight when I discovered a load of unspent Tesco points online and found out you could exchange them for magazine subscriptions. I now subscribe to Good Housekeeping and Good Food. I think my Cosmo days are well behind me.

Anyway, in Good Housekeeping they do a "Best of" section where a well-known person answers some questions. This month it was Alan Titchmarsh (for Aussie readers, think Don Burke) But I love reading these so I thought I'd have a go at filling it in too. Why don't you do it on your blog or even on your Facebook page?

Best Compliment - When Joseph was just over a year I had to take him to opthalmology. As I was pushing the pram through the corridors at the hospital I ran into one of his consultants. She said hello, then nearly fell over. She said "Oh Kylie, you have done just the most amazing job with Joseph, he's a real credit to you". I was just so pleased that she thought I had done ok, as it was when my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was at its height.

Best Weekend - The best weekend was our first wedding anniversary, September 6 2009. Joseph was 4 months old and we went to Chester, stayed at the very lovely Grosvener, had room service and a visit to Chester Zoo. It was memorable because I had to feed Joseph at 3am as usual, but we kept him in our bed, which we didn't normally do, and we were woken by room service bringing coffee at 8am, the longest any of us had slept since Joseph's birth!

Best Kept Secret - I don't do secrets!

Best Meal - I'll pick a recent one, there's an incredibly smart restaurant and bar recently opened in Manchester called Australasia that we went to in June, a rare meal without Joseph. I had Tasmanian kingfish sushi, porkbelly with pineapple curry and an amazing pineapple and passionfruit trio of desserts. It was a lovely meal, and a really special location, under the street off Deansgate.

Best Friend - I seem to have a collection of friends, I never seem to have just one best friend.

Best Book - Another difficult one, but my enduring book that I've read over and over, is The Secret Garden. I have always felt such empathy for the main character, and I love the story of redemption and love and mystery. It's a wonderful book that has really stood the test of time.

Best Decision - To move to England. It was a massive decision and I've always been one who plays it safe so I think it was suprising for everyone when I up and left. But I feel as a person, I have grown immensely in the UK, and of course I've met my lovely husband and have the loveliest little boy in the world ever!

Best Job - I'm not career minded at all, however the best job I had was working as a carer, in Bury, when I had been in the UK for around 5 months. My youngest client was 7 my oldest 87 maybe? I looked after people in their own homes, but also took young children with severe disabilities out and about. I adored that job, and am glad to have found myself in care work again.

Best Lesson - One of my favourite quotes is an Eleanor Roosevelt one. "A woman is like a tea bag, you never find out how strong she is, until she is in hot water." Joseph's birth was my best lesson. I went through a scary illness, and watched my baby surmount quite incredible odds, and I've come out of it a better, more knowledgeable and more compassionate person.

Best Moment - Standing at the doorway of the NICU with my baby in his car seat, hugging and kissing all the doctors and nurses, saying goodbye. Will never forget the relief of finally being able to take our baby home after 76 days.

Best Gift - My birthday when Joseph was in hospital, my husband, not the great romantic normally, gave me a necklace with three intertwined love hearts, one for each of us.

Best Way to Relax - that's a hard one, these days, its just snuggled up in bed at the end of the day. My favourite way to relax is to go swimming, and my best place to do that is in Germany, my favourite swimming place in the world is Bali Thermes.


  1. mmmmmm never been to that restaurant will have to give it a go. did you know that I write for an on-line magazine-free to read and lots of competitions? Sept issue is out this week. x

  2. Ooh I might have to give this a go, as you know I struggle for things to write at the minute!