Monday 19 September 2011

#Healthworkers - Please Join Us

On Saturday a number of bloggers got together with Save the Children to talk about one important fact. In East Africa, as we speak 750 000 children are on the brink of death. Each of these children has a name, an identity, likes and dislikes, a personality, it is up to us, in the wealthy countries of the West to give these precious children the one thing they so desperately need. A future. The current focus is on providing healthworkers where they are needed with the resources to do their job effectively. Before reading another word, sign this very important petition.

The beautiful Gemma has set a challenge and I am excited to be part of it. 100 words about a great healthworker I have encountered in my life. It's impossible for me really but I will give it a go, as I have had many fabulous healthworkers, both for myself, and family member.

To my shame, I always thought of midwives as baby catchers. I had no appreciation for the expertise required to be a midwife until my life depended on one. M was my midwife on three consecutive nights when I was admitted with severe early onset preeclampsia. I was on a complex and delicate balance of drugs. I needed 15 minute checks. She had to shave me for my section. She talked to me, prayed with me, she gave me reassurance. I have never known such fear. I have never known such expert care. Everyone deserves access to high quality healthcare.

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! Please get involved, tweet and share. 


  1. :( so scary. Wonderful that you received such good care xx

  2. It's hard not to like your midwives when you look at your amazing bundle & the excellent care we get here in the UK

    I should join this - I will!

  3. Fab post Kylie. Love your 100 words :)

  4. Your words brought a tear to my eye, aren't midwives amazing.
    and thanks for calling me beautiful *big grin*
    thank you so much for taking part. X

  5. Lovely post, thank you so much for joining in. Having so many voices shouting loudly while I was in NYC was a very powerful thing.

  6. I'm just in awe of you Chris, a very powerful thing you did, lets hope the right people are listening and, more importantly, acting!

  7. It's all true, the beautiful part, and the story. The happy/sad thing is I could think of at least 10-15 healthworkers I could have written this about! I hope your impressed I stuck to the 100 words!