Monday 26 September 2011

Songs I Associate with Pregnancy - Oh Mammy Musical Meme

It's that time of the week, Oh Mammy's Musical Meme time. Come and share and link up. I love this meme as at present there is no theme or restriction, but I have chosen to focus on pregnancy this week.

When doing my media interviews last week this song was in my head.

This song was a hit in the early 90s and during my pregnancy with Joseph when I felt sick and miserable, it used to pop up in my mind. Although, it is quite a sad song, as it is about an unplanned pregnancy, and the voice in the song is quite resentful, but at times I felt like this too. I blame the pre eclampsia. My theory is because your body systems are rejecting the placenta, your whole being feels just wrong, that its hosting some sort of alien, that's how I felt anyway.

I had always been aware of Sinead O'Connor, but it wasn't until my sister's Sinead phase that I really listened to her. I found I really related to this when pregnant with Joseph. I felt like everyone had advice, telling me how I should be. I found it frustrating, and this song comforted me, that it's pretty common to feel like this, and its ok to be angry and annoyed about it!. I did feel annoyed that at 36 I felt exactly the same as Sinead did at 21!

This song, Waltzing Matilda, runs deep in the heart of any Australian, I think. We all know the words, perhaps better than our national anthem. I used to sing this to Joseph in the shower every morning, with my hand on my belly. It gave me great comfort to sing it to him in hospital, and I still sing it now to him at bed time sometimes. I've chosen this version to counteract my two miserable songs. I really wanted to choose "Tom Traubert's Blues" but it was a bit too miserable after Sinead and Natalie!


  1. Oooh, love your 10.000 Maniacs choice there. I've been horribly sick the entire 9 months with each pregnancy and couldn't really even think about music that relatedt o that. Happy Monday to ya!

  2. Beautiful songs and so poignant. Another great post to add to the meme, thanks so much for joining up! xx