Monday 3 October 2011

Down to London - Oh Mammy's Monday Musical Meme

I've been waiting all day to post this entry into Oh Mammy's Musical Meme. My cousin, just 22, is over from Oz and has been on my computer all day, bless her! I am sure my lap top was happy to be on someone else's knee for a change!

Every Australian kid grows up with a fascination with London. Nursery rhymes like The Bells of Old Bailey, London's Bridge is Falling Down, and Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Where Have You Been get into one's psyche, making London a city like no other.

When I was deciding to move to the UK I instantly crossed London off my list. I didn't want to fall into the Aussie ghetto. But equally I was concerned that the London of my childhood didn't exist, I wanted to keep the mystery.

I had been here about 4 years before I ventured to London. I was shocked that the London of my imagination absolutely did exist. All the icons looked exactly as I had pictured them. London has an energy about it that is unique. I adore London and have been several times now.

The song that epitomises London for me is "Down to London" by Joe Jackson. The video accompaniment was not made by me, but when I found it I thought all my Christmases had come at once.

I bought this album "Blaze of Glory" in 1989. A close friend of mine had just commited suicide. It was my first experience of teen suicide and it rocked me to the core. I still remember many conversations I had with Michelle, and I missed the warning signs. I was 16. What did I know? Does it stop me from reliving those conversations, no it absolutely does not. I hold myself partially responsible for what happened.

The title track is exactly about the suicide of a young person, and I played this album, which is concept album, where all the songs meld into one, over and over again, to try and make sense of my feelings. 

But I digress. "Down to London" is a rare track on this album, full of hope and optimism, and arrogance. Exactly what teenagedom should be. It was with great pleasure and delight that I saw Joe Jackson live in Manchester some 15 years after listening to this amazing album.

So I give you Joe Jackson, with some awesome images of the city that I love.

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