Saturday 1 October 2011

I'm Back from the MADS!

Unfortunately no pics yet, when will I learn to just give someone my camera and take my pic? Years of living with a useless photographer I guess.

So the MADblogawards are over for another year, the dresses have been worn, the wine drunk and the winners announced. I was so delighted, that although I did not win, the delightful Claire from A Boy With Aspergers did! I adore all the blogs that were in my category, and I urge you to read all the finalist blogs when you have a minute or ten!

The ceremony was fabulous, the Talk Talk Customer Experience centre in Soho was the perfect venue, apart from a lack of chairs, and a number of women in unsuitable shoes, myself included, took perches where they could find them! Next time I'll definitely wear flats!

Unfortunately I hadn't given myself a great deal of time, I arrived in London at 5pm and our carriages were booked for just after 6. I managed to walk all the way to the Radisson Bloomsbury from Euston without getting lost, courtesy of my fancy new phone which has GPS! What did I ever do without it? And swiftly showered, dressed, did hair and make up in record time, and made it with several minutes to spare.

I shared a room with the lovely Michelle from Mummy From the Heart. My only regret was that I had to leave early for commitments today, so didn't get to have enough of a natter!

I am already looking forward to putting some great blogs forward for next year's awards. My advice would be to anyone who thinks their blog is not good enough, to just go for it. I never in a million years expected to be a finalist, and I so enjoyed the ceremony and meeting so many inspirational and fabulous bloggers.

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