Monday 31 October 2011

Meal Planning Monday

I'm really struggling at the moment, with blog post ideas and with meals, so this linky over at At Home with Mrs M really appealed to me.

I am having great issues with Joseph and food at present. He's so fussy it's completely ridiculous, where has my quirky but good eater gone? Veggies are OFF the menu, and I really struggle with protein based foods too. Eggs are the work of the devil, meat must be minced to have any real chance, and chicken that hasn't come from The Colonel is treated with utmost suspicion. Just ridiculous.

Added to my woes is I am now, finally, a working mum, so for many nights I am not home (and this is where the Colonel sneaks in I think!)

So here is this weeks meal plan:-

Monday - spaghetti bolognaise, as I write the bolognaise is simmering in the slow cooker, delicious!
Tuesday - honey chicken with rice
Wednesday - homemade lasagne
Thursday - pork rissoles with potato wedges
Friday - butternut pumpkin soup
Saturday - salmon fischakes
Sunday - mild lamb curry

I am working both Saturday and Sunday evening so I will make the fishcakes in the morning and hubby can cook them for Joseph, the curry I'll put in the slow cooker.

Hopefully Joseph will eat healthily this weekend, without letting the Colonel in the front door!


  1. Mmm that soup sounds delicious not that any of mine would eat it!


  2. Joseph won't eat pumpkin unless its in a soup!!! He's really funny about vegetables!