Sunday 30 October 2011

Mummy Moments - My Top 5

This week the personal blog prompt on the Britmums Blog is:-

Share with us a mummy moment, from this year, a great moment, a low moment, a moment where your mothering skills and talents were either brilliant or sub-par, a defining Mummy Moment. 

I'd like to share with you my top 5 so far this year, and would love to see yours as well. If your not a blogger why not put them on my facebook page?

1. Passport control Australia - this deserves its own mention. We arrived at Melbourne International Airport on February 15th  to find an enormous queue in front of us. I had Joseph in the sling (not yet walking) his trunki, a carry on bag for me, and my handbag. I looked like a donkey. An announcement came over "we have closed passport control to protect the safety of the Australian public". WTF? I looked to my right and rather fortuitously the queue was stuck next to the gin. At 9.00am in the morning. It was tempting. Joseph and I were hot, tired and sweating like pigs. We missed our connection to the outer suburbs of Melbourne, but I managed to keep our cool and we finally got our of the airport around lunch time. I was impressed that neither of us had melted down into a tantrum!

2. The walking thing - I blogged at length about this as I was so stressed. Initially I thought it was just a family thing, our family have quite a few late walkers, on both sides, so I wasn't unduly stressed, until the consultant started saying spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, then I started to lose my resolve of not panicking. Joseph had one physio session, which was very reassuring, and said whilst he was a little hypermobile she wasn't unduly concerned. And of course in the afternoon after I posted that piece, he started to walk, making me look a right idiot. But watching him walk was one of the the best mummy moments ever. It signalled the end of the prematurity worries I had.

3. Starting preschool - It was a big decision for me to cut the apron strings and get Joseph into pre school. I thought at just 2 and a bit he was a little young, and I did want to keep him with me for longer, but I felt it was time. And he has blossomed. I am so proud of him for throwing himself into it, learning new things, and making friends, and proud of myself for letting go of him, if only for a few hours a week.

4. Our Greek holiday - we went on a week's adventure to Rhodes, which was just the tonic we needed. Joseph learnt to overcome his fear of the water, and gaining more independence by attending a toddler group. It wasn't the sort of holiday we were used to, as we normally travel around with our rucksacks visiting different places as we stayed firmly put in our very nice hotel. Joseph has taught us to enjoy the moment, to make the most of things, and I am really grateful for that.

5. Joseph's big London trip - we had a massive trip to London shortly after our holiday. We had a television appearance on Daybreak, I was on Radio 5 Live and Radio Manchester, a trip to TK Maxx to be dressed for the MAD blog awards and Joseph came to it all. We managed tubes and private taxis, Joseph did so well. I don't think its down to my parenting just good luck, but he is such a fantastic traveller.

So there's 5 top 5 mummy moments what are yours?

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