Wednesday 12 October 2011

Rainy Day = Messy Play

Our brief Indian summer has disappeared and the rains have come! Every day has been miserable this week. I was looking for some inspiration for things to do and remembered the Imagination Tree blog. I love craft blogs, and this one is brilliant, full of easy, accessible activities for toddlers.

I chose to do a combination of activities, we did potato printing and spaghetti printing. I am afraid that Joseph is not the sort to make neat little piles of spaghetti in different colours, he went wild, mixing his colours, plonking spaghetti everywhere, and had great fun.

I am completely not averse to mess, I love it, and Joseph is quite good at the tidy up afterwards, something that has come from pre school, apparently he does it unprompted there, and cleans up after the other kids!

I found a great trick for cutting potato printing shapes. I have some small cookie cutters, if you embed them into your potato then trim around you get some lovely, crisp shapes! It was really enjoyable to do as well.

I can't wait to try some more activities, and am inspired to make some fresh playdough this weekend!

Mess is good!


  1. Lovely!! The cookie cutter tip us good isn't it? So much easier than trying to carve something by hand. Looks like he had great fun! :-)

  2. Can we do this when I visit?! ;D