Tuesday 22 November 2011

Fat Girl Running - Weight Week

So my wake up call, being turned down for life insurance, got me thinking about what I need to do to lose weight. As mentioned yesterday in 2004 I started on my healthy living journey and got down from 120 kilos to 90. Unfortunately I got way laid and put most of this back on. I am now 113 kilos.

What worked for me last time was goal setting, and focussing on exercise and eating for energy, so that is what I am planning this time. I decided I really needed an exercise goal, so I am planning to do the Bupa London 10k in May 2012. To keep me focussed and honest, I am not running for myself but for Tommy's The Baby Charity.

I have pledged to raise £350, however my goal is £1000. I think that is achievable, with over 700 Facebook friends and 1900 Twitter followers, this should be achievable, even if everyone gave £1, I'd be there.

So now the hard work commences, training for a run. I have done a 10k before, I think it was 2006, the Bupa Capital 10k. I loved it and had a fab day. My time was 1:39 so my aim this time is to better that time. I ran and walked, and can see that I will be doing that again, with my weight pure running for 10k is going to be hard. However last time, my goal was just not to come last, so definitely the same goal this time!

My plan is to build up my walking, and start interval running. I firstly need to sort some good running trainers and a fabulously supportive sports bra. If anyone wants to recommend brands or companies, or better still if someone wants me to trial products in return for blog posts, that would be great!

So please join me as I set out to do this, and keep tabs on my progress. Any tips for a fat girl starting out running again would be welcome.

And please visit my Virgin Money Giving Page and give what you can, even if its £1, as they say, every little helps.


  1. Have you thought about the Couch to 5k? I think there's a 10k one too. I will also sponsor you next month :)

  2. Laura - Keeleighs mum22 November 2011 at 16:05

    You got turned down for being overwight? Ive not heard of that before. My hubby has problems because of his diabetes and smoking habit but it just ends up costing him more money. Good Luck anyway mate. Ive lost a stone in 8 weeks doing weightwatchers and exercising

  3. Yes I got turned down because of my BMI and blood pressure, which was not raised, just borderline. The broker was expecting it to be heavily weighted and expensive, not a decline.

    I hate weight loss meetings, so I'll see how I do on my own, I though I might do WW online if I need help.

  4. Thank you Stacey, yes that's my plan to do the couch to 5k. My old trainer told me last time to train for the half distance as its easy to double, apparently. I will see if there's a 10k. I am really enthusiastic, so hopefully I will stick to it! You are my inspiration!