Monday 21 November 2011

Weight Week - A Wake Up Call

I've decided to blog about weight this week. When Joseph was born prematurely, the doctors were at great pains not to blame my weight. Pre eclampsia can happen to anyone, and my consultant did say my body type was a factor rather than my actual weight, and should I lose the weight, I would still be at risk for pre eclampsia. But I live with the fact that my excess weight probably played a part in Joseph's arrival. What's done is done, however, and there is no mileage in beating myself up over it.

My husband and I recently wrote our wills, and as part of the process looked at our life insurance provision, and we decided to go ahead and apply for life insurance for myself. We approached two companies, and I had a medical. I have been knocked back by both of them on the grounds of my BMI and my blood pressure, which though normal, is medicated, and is on the high side of normal.

So, the wake up call. The insurance companies have refused to cover me as they feel I am at a risk of premature death. And yes, in these very sensitive economic times they are probably being a little over the top, however, I can't keep running away from this. I am seriously overweight and it is putting my health at risk. I need to do something about it, and I need to start doing it now.

With being overweight comes a sense of shame. I am ashamed that I have let things slide. My biggest sense of shame comes from the fact that in 2004 I started a healthy eating and exercise plan and lost 30 kilos over two years. I just ran out of steam. I got half way and conked out. The slightly good side is that I've managed to only put on 23 of the kilos I lost, and didn't return to all my bad habits.

I have some fun and interesting posts planned for this week, and I invite you to join me in talking about this tough topic, and to follow me as I address this issue in my own life.


  1. Good on you Kylie. I've noticed that I'm quietly packing on a few extra kilos, which I'm not pleased about. I lost 15 kgs before i got pregnant, had a really healthy eating and exercise thing going on, then fell back into some seriously bad habits, especially after my baby arrived. Five years on and I haven't made any real effort to get back to where I was. I know I can do it, because I have, but it all seems very hard at the moment. I'll be interested to follow your journey :)

  2. Everyone needs a wakeup call Kylie. I got mine when I went to my doctor, and my cholesterol was very high. She said loose weight, or go on medication. I hate medication, and so have started seeing a dietician and have currently lost around 10 kilos. I actually lost all my weight years ago, after having Michael, but then put it all back on again after he got his diagnosis! Have discovered I am a stress eater, and it is very hard not to eat when stressed, but I am getting better! Good luck Kylie, it is not an easy battle! xx

  3. You know I'm here to support you, you supported me all through my weight loss and still are now! I know you can do this :)