Sunday 20 November 2011

The Mummy Quiz

I have been "tagged" sort of, by the lovely Cafe Bebe. Well I am sure she would have tagged me if she does that sort of thing, like me she hates tagging people in memes!

Arising out of the Britmums blog prompt for this week, Cafe Bebe poses the following questions.

Before my child can fall asleep I have to..... read three stories. Joseph has a suprising amount of concentration for books. I usually read a long Julia Donaldson, another long book and then one short one. We have a few books that are a song in a book like "Over In The Meadow", and I often read one of these. I am impressed by Joseph's memory for words and stories and his love for books. Occasionally I will read four!

One thing I do that makes my child laugh is..... our house is regularly filled with Joseph's laughter, he has a very ready sense of humour. But the one thing guaranteed to make him laugh is "robot kitchen walking". If I'm fixing food and drink for him if I start doing stilted robot walking from the bench to the fridge then to the table, this sends him into fits of giggles!

One thing my child does that makes me laugh is..... every week (and sometimes more often as our council is very hot on this) Joseph sees the "rockstars" the bin men. He adores the bin men, and their big truck with flashing lights. It's hero worship on a grand scale, and so cute to see, and it really makes me laugh. The bin men often do a special flash of their lights, or wave at Joseph, and he just swoons. Hilarious.

I'm more lenient than I thought I would be about..... everything. When Joseph was born prematurely all my preconceptions about parenting flew out of the window and into the carpark. I hadn't thought a lot about how I would parent, to be honest, and always thought I would just go with my instincts, but I think I have done this even more. I didn't bother reading any parenting books until Joseph was a bit older, and I have used some of the Baby Whisperer techniques, but that was more because that's how they worked in hospital and I thought it was a good idea to give Josph what he was used to.

One of the most ridiculous things I've said as a parent is..... I said lots of ridiculous thing when expecting, and I think some people would say I said some ridiculous things when Joseph was in hospital, and I know occasionally I have said something and though "geez glad we don't have hidden cameras in this house" but I am not sure I have consistently said anything ridiculous. My husband would possibly beg to differ....

The best rule in our house is..... we all sit together to eat at tea time. We have had this rule from the early stages of weaning, and I love that protected family time, tv off, sat together, chatting and eating. Well we all chat and some of us eat! Joseph is still very fussy and sometimes doesn't bother with evening meal.

Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and make my child..... catch up to his peers. I don't overly stress about it, and put it to the back of my mind, but people make comments about Joseph, particularly his walking, and sometimes I wish I could just click my fingers and he be like everyone else. I may blog about it further, but our Health Visitor is very concerned that Joseph walks like a much younger child. Which is clearly fine, as he only started walking at 2.

I have to say being a Mummy is nothing like I thought it would be. It's so much more fun than I ever expected, and I feel like its one thing I've done in my life successfully. At first I was absolutely overwhelmed and terrified, and really resentful of the start we had, but to be honest, it's been the making of me, as a mum, and as a person.

Feel free to join in!


  1. Lovely :) And I could write an entire post on the 'Before my child can fall asleep I have to..... ' theme

  2. Absolutely lovely Mrs! Thanks so much...what wonderful answers!
    Have a great weekend!

    ;) Karin

  3. Have you heard the Fisher Price The Garbage Truck song?

  4. Wonderful - and I wouldn't worry about the milestones - easier to say than feel, but those who arrive early have to double count for some years - there's plenty of time. How lovely that you are enjoying being a mummy - I too feel that it's a real source of joy to have such fun together, much more than I'd thought about.