Monday 14 November 2011

I Am Grateful

Opposite Buckingham Palace
This week marks Thanksgiving over the pond in America, and the lovely Karin at Britmums has prompted us to take stock of what we are grateful for.

As someone who has been blessed beyond measure, I try to take time to give thanks regularly, because it is right and important not to take anything for granted. So here are my ten things right now that I am grateful for.

1. My child's health - I never take for granted the fact that my son is well and healthy. I am so grateful for the doctors, the nurses and the allied staff who have helped him.

2. The NHS - it is too easy to take for granted that whenever we need a doctor, a medical treatment, a medication that we can get it, free or at low cost, and so many people of the world do not have this.

3. The changing seasons - I love the change of the seasons, it would not suit me to live in a climate where it is the same all year round. I get such joy seeing the falling leaves, and watching Joseph "swishy swishy" through them, as I get him more used to working.

4. The internet - I am old enough to remember life before the internet, and I am grateful that I can keep in touch with people, learn things and share experiences easily and quickly.

5. My premmie mums - as we get closer to November 17th World Prematurity Day they will deserve their own post!

6. My house - It wasn't until the age of 38 I finally entered the world of home ownership. I am so grateful for our little house, its warm, cosy, and just big enough for the three of us.

7. My husband - he's funny, annoying, caring, selfish and wonderful! I love him to bits, and am so proud of him (but don't tell him)

8. Transportation - Having come from Tasmania where it is not so easy to get around, I am so grateful for transport, for trains, buses, trams and taxis. It seems like such a little thing, but to me, to be able to get to London in two hours, and to get around with relative ease, is amazing!

9. My cats. We now have two, Atticus Woo who has been with us for a long time, and Niow Niow to whom I normally refer to as the stray. However, after 12 months of feeding her and looking after her, we need to accept she is not a stray, but ours! They give our home warmth and character, I love our cats.

10. God. Last but not least, my relationship with God hasn't been an easy one, and fortunately She/He is big enough and great enough to deal with that. But with God all things are possible, and I am learning that more every day.

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  1. Thoughtful post that I enjoyed reading. I am like that with my Other Half saying nice things on my blog but then telling everyone to not let on to him. Your comment on the seasons reminded me of Autumn walks with my late mum when I was little. Great post altogether