Friday 25 November 2011

The Plan - Weight Week

I have a very large amount of weight to lose to be in the healthy weight range. I am currently 113 kilos. (almost 18 stone). According to some charts I should be around 55 kilos, but for now I want to aim for 63, which according to BMI tables is a healthy weight, I think that's more realistic, and then we can worry about the rest when we get there!

I'm going to weigh in once a fortnight and will post my progress here. I think I will probably use "my fitness pal" and share my details through facebook and twitter, but I will wait untiil the New Year to do this. I'm not going to stress over Christmas about everything I eat, but I will be mindful. We'll be in Germany, and we're always active there.

My big focus is on fitness, and preparing for the Bupa London 10k. Initially my focus is going to be on covering the distance and not bothering about time. I plan to walk 5-10k in one go three days a week, when Joseph is in nursery, rather than sitting on here blogging, tweeting and wasting time. My computer time will be in the afternoon as my reward for sticking to the plan!

On non walking/running days during the week, Joseph and I will do an active activity, park or soft play, or another walk. At nap times I will do stretching and strength work.

On weekends I will walk to work, and keep as active as I can.

Food is less of an issue, because when I am active I crave healthy food. I plan to aim for a range of fruit and vegetables and low GI carbohydrates and good sources of lean protein, and keep snacking down to healthy snacks in moderate amounts. I found last time having a "treat" day one day a week was great. I didn't go mad, either kept all my meals healthy and allowed myself one nice treat, a piece of cake etc, or didn't have the treat and had one treat meal. Then onece a month had a "treat week" where I had two of these days. That worked really well for me.

My huge challenge is comfort eating. 80% of the time I eat fine, but when I am depressed or anxious I eat loads of the wrong foods and often when anxious I don't leave the house, thus compounding the problem. I am hoping that by eating well and exercising regularly I can avoid these times, however, I realise that this is going to be an ongoing issue and plan to have a consultation with my GP to go over my plan, and see if there is any help available. I am still on a waiting list for counselling, and I would like to see if I can see a dietician. After all the NHS are saving a considerable amount of money not paying for a gastric band or bypass!

I'm actually really looking forward to this challenge, and completing the run in a better time that last time. I'll be happy to just complete but if I can do it in less than 1:30:00 I will be really happy.

Any support, or anyone wanting to do this with me, I'd love to hear from you. Also, suggestions of motiviating running songs, recipes and walking/running routes around North Manchester!

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  1. I'm here for you. Aiming to lose 2 stone total, maybe 1 stone by Easter. I need to find a way to not eat rubbish as "reward" after a long day, and to try and not be too tired to exercise...