Thursday 24 November 2011

Why I Won't Have Weightloss Surgery

My BMI is 44. This is classed as morbidly obese. When people find out that I am morbidly obese they are suprised. I eat reasonably healthily, I excercise, I am not the sort of person featured on reality TV who lies in bed and eats chips and cake all day. There are reasons why I am overweight, which boil down to eating too much of the wrong thing and not exercising enough, and I'll go into them tomorrow.

I am being open about obesity as we need, as a community, to get a better grasp of what obesity is and how to help those who are obese, like me. We need to get away from these ridiculous images of obese people being out of control, stupid people, who do not care about themselves. This is not reality.

As someone with a BMI of 44 and high blood pressure, in some Primary Care Trusts I would be eligible for surgery (not in Bury though, funding has ceased in light of the NHS cuts). This rather sobering. I am fat enough to go under the knife.

At times, I have thought about it, especially when my BMI was even higher. But there are several reasons why I wouldn't go down this route.

Firstly, I am an anaesthetic risk, being obese and asthmatic, and I wouldn't want to go under a general anaesthetic unless it was essential surgery.

Secondly, although its hard I know I can lose weight. I know through mindful eating and planned exercise, I can and I will lose weight.

Thirdly, I am concerned, because of the main reasons I am overweight, which I will go into tomorrow, that I would have to have the most drastic surgery, a gastric bypass. I am convinced I would breach the lap band rules and potentially cause myself damage.

I think weight loss surgery is unavoidable and necessary for some people. Especially if you have an imminently life threatening condition that your weight is affecting, or have seriously low mobility and can't exercise. It does annoy me that there seems to be little NHS help for those who want to lose weight the "old fashioned way" but will pay a serious amount of money for surgery.

I truly hope, and will work hard, to ensure I never have to go down this route.


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