Wednesday, 14 December 2011

2012 My Blogging Resolutions

The blogging prompt this week on Britmums urges us to make some blogging resolutions for the coming year. Maybe resolutions made in mid-December are more likely to be kept than those made on New Years Eve. Who knows?

Earlier this week I published a round up of the year in review for my blog. It's been a really exciting year, and lots of fun, and I have learnt an incredibly amount about writing, working with the media, with charities and its been a year of personal discovery for me as well.

The first resolution I have is to consolidate, to keep doing what I am doing, but do it better. I tend to blog hard and fast, rather than spending ages over posts, and have to say, that the ones I have written straight from the heart get much better reception that those I have spent a long time over. I do have problems with attention to detail and I need to get better at the "boring" stuff, link checking, typing errors etc.

The second resolution is to work closely with the charities close to my heart - Bliss, PiggyBankKids, and Tommy's. Note these are in alphabetical order! I love sharing the work of these charities, as a lot of people don't know of their existence until they need them, or benefit from them.

The third resolution is somewhat out of my hands, but I would love some more radio and print media exposure in 2012. I love radio, and have really enjoyed going on BBC Radio Manchester and Radio 5 Live, and now that there is more national radio based in Manchester I am hoping for further opportunities in this area.

The fourth resolution is to deepen my writing on other platforms. I plan to do some more in depth pieces for A String of Pearls and also for Think Left.  I am hoping for more opportunities to show case my writing.

I think this year I have realised just how much I enjoy blogging, and I can't wait to see how things evolve for Not Even A Bag of Sugar.

I am hoping to attend Britmums Live, work commitments permitting, and just waiting to see how things pan out in the New Year work wise. I so enjoyed Cybermummy, and I can't wait to meet new bloggers and meet up with new friends too.


  1. Good luck with your resolutions! Hope to see you at Britmums :)

  2. Hope you make it to Britmums and I love your post and its commitment to helping good causes whilst pursuing your writing and speaking too.