Thursday 29 December 2011

My Resolutions 2011

I didn't make complicated resolutions on New Years Eve last year. My resolutions were simple. The main one was to put the past behind me, to concentrate on Joseph as he is now, and to stop living in the past. I think I have achieved this, and have succeeded in using what happened to us for good, rather than getting upset and dwelling on it.

I also resolved to work hard on my blog and on sharing our story, and I have certainly achieved that. I am so pleased and proud of the reception Not Even A Bag of Sugar has had. I haven't quite worked out what my direction is now, and will be thinking more about this in the coming days. I certainly hope to deepen my relationships with the community of charities, parents and families of premature babies, and to help, in whatever small way I can, raise awareness and provide support.

I didn't make any resolutions about weight last year but will be doing this year. The last time I resolved to lose weight was in 2005, when I lost 30 kilos. I know this time that resolutions are not enough, this needs to be a lifelong commitment, and I hope that I am ready for this challenge.

I wonder, how did you all do with 2011's resolutions? Did you bother making any? Did you keep any?

I wish you all a peaceful time as we commence the New Year full of hope and promise.

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  1. My resolutions were to continue losing weight, and be pregnant by the end of the year! Well, you know how they turned out! Think I need to make some for next year now...