Sunday 15 January 2012

Not a Silent Sunday

Blimey, what a day. Last night our "stray" cat Niow Niow was sick. She vomited several times, cue much wretching from the delicate little flower that is my husband as we cleaned up time and time again. We thought we'd see how she got on overnight. Unfortunately a scene of devastation awaited us when we came downstairs this morning, Cue a phone call to the after hours vet practice, and off we went, Niow Niow, Corey, Joseph and I, a family trip to the vet. I can't drive, Corey can't talk about a sick cat without crying, so we all have to go to the vet.

So £100 lighter, we left the vet with omeprazole (finally I am an omeprazole mummy - often used in premature babies with severe reflux) and some rehydration fluid, and none the wiser as to what was making our pussy poorly, only to be met by a £70 fine for parking illegally. Apparently it was permit holders only but nothing to say that that I could see, so a quick email to appeal - wish us luck.

The cat lay about feeling sorry for herself most of the day:-

But has been most compliant taking her liquid omeprazole, and is now starting to eat. Hooray. The vet remarked how healthy and well she looked for a stray, raising his eyebrow at me. After a full year and a bit, I think we need to bite the bullet and say we are a two cat family!

Joseph had a mad moment this afternoon, whilst the football was one, and nothing would please him so I knocked up a batch of chocolate playdough, which went down a storm! Joseph had great fun making little cakes, and didn't even eat any of the dough! I was most impressed

We rounded off the day with a lovely meal of meatballs, mashed potato and vegetables. Joseph ate carrots. I'm so proud!

So as not to leave anyone out, here is Corey, Joseph and the non poorly pussy, Atticus Woo.

I am so glad its Monday tomorrow, time for a rest!