Saturday 14 January 2012

Cake a Difference - 6-12 February

This year I will be supporting Bliss by baking cakes, cupcakes, large cakes, any sort of cake, and selling them to raise money for this important charity.

Bliss is very dear to my heart, because without them, I don't know how I would have coped when Joseph was in hospital. Their literature was the first thing I read to help me guide me through the maze of having a sick, small baby. Their family support helpline was there when I was scared, angry, frustrated - their volunteers and paid staff helped me to ask the right questions, to care for my self, to be there for my baby.

Behind the scenes they fund research, which directly helps babies like mine. Without their research babies would not have the receive high quality, evidence based care.

Bliss cannot do these things without money, and that's where you come in. There are two ways I would like you to help.

Bake a cake, or a few! And sell them. You could have an event, you could sell them at work, to your neighbours, to parents at school. You could have a Cake A Difference tea party.

The second way is order cakes from me. If you live in or around Manchester you can order cakes from me and I will bake for you and deliver (within reason) or you can collect.

I love to bake, and over the coming days will come up with a price list, however if there is a cake recipe you have seen that you have always wanted to try but never have the time, why not get me to bake it for you!

Cake A Difference is a great way of getting together, with tea and cake, and talking about Bliss, our babies, and the fantastic work they do. I will be sharing more about Cake A Difference over the coming weeks.


  1. You so know we will have some... for Liv of course!! :OP Fairy cakes ago-go!!xx

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