Sunday 8 January 2012

Pinterest Addict - And a Pledge

I am addicted to Pinterest. It's a fantastic way to collate pictures, ideas, recipes and inspiration. You can repin other people's pins, you can pin your own stuff from the interwebs, its fantastic. It's visual, its pretty and its fantastic. And, unfortunately, addictive.

One of the worst aspects of Pinterest addiction is collating fab things to make and do, and you never do any of them. And that is what has happened to me.

My favourite board of my own is this one. I've got a few fab craft ideas to do with Joseph and now is far more interested I pledge to try a few and report back over the coming weeks.

I also pledge to make him one birthday present a month until May. I have created a board with some of the ideas I've gathered previously, and again will keep you updated, as long as you don't tell Joseph! Shhhhhhhhh
I have loads of fabric and trimmings and am looking forward to using my stash.

Joseph's main two birthday presents will be a toy kitchen, and a balance bike. The rest of his gifts will be either home made or from our local NCT nearly new sale. I want to make some toy food especially, and get some preloved kids pots and pans.

Joseph is currently learning his letters and obsessed by numbers so am looking forward to making the bean bags and the letters. I also want to make the travel car mat as we do a lot of appointments and travel and it would be great to have something easy to take for him to play with.

Do you use Pinterest? If you would like to use it and want to be invited, please let me know!

What do you plan to make this year?


  1. I don't understand Pinterest. I think I had an invite to it, logged in but didn't really understand what to do with it so gave up ;-)

  2. I was going to use it for a baby shower board! But then, I realised you are probably coming and I don't want you to see my plans! ;-P

  3. It's a bit like bookmarking, but rather than end up with a load of dry links, you have images. It's great for planning shopping! Say your looking on line for an outfit you can pin loads of ideas, then they are all in front of you in one place. It's great for collating decorating ideas too, look at my Kitchen board!