Saturday 7 January 2012

Why You Should Blog

When I started this blog, I knew suprisingly little about blogging. I thought I'd write for myself, my friends and I knew I might get the odd google hit. I knew nothing about statistics, and in fact had been blogging for 9 months before I ever looked at the Stats tab! I didn't know anything about a blogger's relationship with PR, about working with brands, that charities might be interested in what I have to say, nothing.

Over time I have been completely floored by the interest in my blog, and have been stunned to receive a number of compliments, and approaches. This year I want to work on improving my writing, and on working with others, and am excited already to have been given some marvellous opportunities that you will learn more about in the coming weeks.

However, despite all this, my basic reason for blogging is intact, to tell stories, sometimes my own, sometimes based on research, sometimes other people's stories. And that's why I think you should blog too, if you don't already.

This week I read a post on this blog, written by a fellow mum of a premature baby (and a term one too), who I met through Bliss. I was so pleased to read I had inspired her to blog. Blogging is such a lovely way of sharing things, stories, recipes, craft projects, which I know Rebecca will have lots of, as she is a very dynamic and creative person.

I love to blog, and love to write, and I love to read blogs, although I don't always comment, which I must make more of an effort to do this year, it makes me happy to see new blogs popping up all the time.

Now with mobile apps, fancy phones, tablets etc, blogging is more accessible than ever, and a great way of making a record of thoughts, feelings and events. I'd highly recommend it, particularly to someone who has had a premature or poorly baby.

There are so many avenues to get started, if you need a hand to get through the start up process, give me a shout. Hoping to read a lot more blogs about our special little people this year!

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  1. You inspired me to blog too! And one of my resolutions is to comment more this year too...