Thursday 5 January 2012

Taming the Toddler

Since Christmas time, Joseph's behaviour has really changed. He is so much louder than he was, I guess because at Christmas time we had a house full of people of different ages, his sound was absorbed somewhat, and he had to be louder to be heard. Joseph's gentle "no thank you" or "not yet mummy" have been replaced by apocalyptic screaming. I am finding it hard to deal with at times.

However coupled with this, Joseph is becoming a lot more vocal, with a massive increase in his vocabulary and an improvement in his sense of comic timing, he is at once a joy and a delight as well as being a bit of a terror at times!

A lot of my friends use the "naughty corner" or "naughty step". I hate these techniques and its not something that I think would work for us. Most of my issues with Joseph aren't things he does, fair enough for pulling the cat's tail, biting etc, but most of my issues with Joseph are when he shouts, or is stubborn, and I don't think the naughty step works in those instances.

Joseph is just trying to find his way in the world, and although is a lot more verbal than he was, still cannot articulate his needs. So rather than punishment, I think we need to find a way of negotiating these difficult times together.

Joseph is also getting his 4 back molars and going through a growth spurt, and I think these two things are also impacting on his behaviour. This morning he had a massive paddy, no idea what over, and once he was a little calmer I sat him on his high chair and he ate and ate and ate. Why he couldn't just say "mummy I'm hungry" or as he said rather cutely on holiday "mummy can I have something to eat please?" our longest sentence ever!

I am hoping this phase is short lived,! Toddlers! So wonderful, but at times so frustrating!


  1. I remember it well and am about to do it all again! Patience is the key - oh and earplugs ;) x

  2. MrsB @ crankymonkeys in london5 January 2012 at 17:46

    It will pass. But it is frustrating until it does. I don't do naughty steps either.... My oldest is all of a sudden giving us some attitude as well, which is surprising but I blame it on school being back on after more than 3 weeks.