Wednesday 4 January 2012

It's Always Nice Travelling....

To quote my husband, who says this everytime we get home from an adventure "it's always nice travelling, but its always nice to get home", we arrived back yesterday, after 10 days in Germany.

The passage home was interesting, we had a very trouble free drive from Herford to Rotterdam, arriving exactly when Sally SatNav said we would. We got to the boat at 6.30pm, our sailing wasn't til 9, but we were able to board straight away. The "Pride of Hull" has a lovely kids play area, and Joseph had a ball, playing with new friends, after a picnic in our cabin, kindly provided by my mother in law.

It was apparent that our journey would be affected by the storms sweeping the UK, but the plan was to set off as normal, hot tail it over the North Sea and then deal with it once we got closer to Hull. Every hour or so during the night Joseph would wake, pat his tummy and say "oh no" and go back to sleep. Both he and I felt quite woozy, but no sickness, which was great. Until we got off the boat and Joseph vomited all over me on the way down the steps to the car. Cue me stripping at the car, much to the amusement of fellow travellers, to change my top! Needs must.

Our drive to Manchester went without a hitch, despite the high winds. Joseph was so happy to get home and to see our cats! He took every toy out and played with it, and hasn't asked for his Christmas toys at all, which are still in a sack!

We are so glad to be home, and I now need to get my blogging head back on, and get organised for the year ahead. And not to mention my healthy eating and exercise head!

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