Friday 23 March 2012

Britmums Live - My Top Tips!

So I am getting all excited about Britmums Live, as I start looking for accommodation. I thought I would share some of my top tips, after my virgin voyage to Cybermummy last year!

1. Make a little list of everyone you want to catch up with and mark it off. It may seem a bit anal, but did not do this last year and came away wishing I had caught up with some favourite bloggers. Make a list of no more than ten. Include profile pics if necessary! I'll do a post a bit closer to the time of my ten bloggers I want to catch up with.

2. Take something to tweet on, but I wouldn't bother with a lap top. I took my lap top last year and sincerely wish I hadn't. It wasn't used at all during the day. At the time I had a dumb phone that didn't do stuff like Twitter effectively. If your considering upgrading your phone or acquiring an iPad or other form of tablet device, do it before Britmums Live.

3. Take water. I am taking my groovy water bottle. I found that the day was so busy I didn't have time to grab water etc except at meal times.

4. If you don't have business cards you will feel like a wally. I didn't bother last year and really wish I had done. There will be loads of competitions to enter, people to meet and people giving you their cards. They don't need to be fancy just homemade will do. I got mine from Vistaprint, and they've really come in handy.
5. Decide what you want to get out of the day. For me, I was clueless about blogging, and just wanted to learn everything. No one really visited my blog much apart from friends, family and a few stalwarts who supported me. I had just been nominated for a MAD award in the Inspiring category. I knew I had to go hard or go home. I sat and listened and took copious notes all day, and got loads out of it. This year my focus will be a little different, as I think it will be more about networking and lifting my blog to the next level.

6. Think flats. I made a stupid mistake and wore smart, highish shoes and was really uncomfortable. Yes look stylish, if that's your bag, but its a long day, well day and a half, and you need to be comfy!

7. Get there early. There is so much to see so many people to talk to, make the most of your time!

8. Smile. Everyone is really friendly, and you will meet some amazing people.

9. Study the form guide. Make sure you have an idea of which workshops you want to attend. It's ok to have a session or two "off" as there will be loads to do outside the sessions. I didn't want to miss any last year, but this year I am considering missing one so I have more time to talk to some of the businesses there.

10. Look me up!If your feeling nervous or shy, I'll talk to/at anyone!I'm really approachable!


  1. Hi Kylie,

    Great post! This is my first year of attending a conference so this list is uber helpful! I wouldn't have given water a thought, but am always craving a drink if I go to talks! And the list of bloggers you want to meet is genius! You will certainly be on mine, your blog is one of the first ones I ever followed!

    Probably see you in June!


  2. I am so so nervous. I've never met any fellow bloggers in real life so two days feels quite daunting plus everyone already seems to know everyone! Am really wanting to learn how to better my blog though so am very excited about that. Excellent tips!