Thursday 22 March 2012

#OBEM - A Healing Journey

One Born Every Minute on Channel 4 is a favourite programme of mine and one I've blogged about a couple of times. Last night's episode was simply amazing and I learnt so much from it about my own journey.

I do apologise, as these clips will probably only work in the UK, however this one shows Billie and her partner Ryan welcoming their son Cody into the world. Billie is a very young mum, and she develops pre eclampsia. Her baby is born by caesarean section at 30 weeks gestation weighing 2lb 10oz.

I really enjoyed seeing him being delivered, it really helped me understand more about Joseph's journey. I'd wondered what had happened to my waters, what it might have looked like down there. It was really lovely to see what Joseph's entry into the world was like.

This next clip just gets me. Giving birth to your baby prematurely is not the hard part, that bit is relatively easy, it's controlled, you are well looked after (clearly I am referring to the planned c-section premature delivery that Billie and I had). It's the next bit. The endless hospital trips. The awful half life between being a mother, but not really being a mother, not having your baby at home, and all that means. The fear of getting to hospital and being told that there's a complication. The next day being told trouble has passed, or that it hasn't. Being taken to one side and being told there is a solution, but there are consequences. So many times something they do to help, such as a power antibiotic like gentomycin, has a risk - in this case it can cause deafness. It's so hard to take in, and such a responsibility giving informed consent, when you feel anything but informed. You are just caught in this game of snakes and ladders with your baby in the middle.

One of the hard things is seeing mums and dads walking to their cars with their full term babies, and feeling like a freak for not being able to carry your baby to term, through no fault of your own. It's tough being a mum at the best of times, but the complexities of NICU add a whole new level of difficulty and fear.

I just couldn't believe that maturity and insight of that young couple. To me, they seemed amazingly strong and controlled. It's just amazing to see these young people draw on their inner strength, to see ther love for their son overriding the fear, and just getting on with  it.

Mothers and fathers are amazing, and those with premature babies are just awe inspiring. There are so many parents that just inspire me everyday!

And at the heart of all this are the babies. These brave, strong little babies, who have the fight of their lives in front of them right from the start of life.

Thank you so much One Born Every Minute for so thoughtfully portraying a premature birth last night, and to Billie and Ryan for your openness, honesty and your strength.

Just amazing. 

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  1. Yes it really tugged at my heart strings. I'm so glad he survived and thrived :)