Sunday 11 March 2012

Mother's Day - What Will You Give?

Can you believe it's Mother's Day next Sunday 18th March?

Since having Joseph, Mother's Day has increased in its significance to me. Not just because I am now a mum with a child of my own, but I belong to a community of mothers, from all over the world. Sadly, not all mums have the same opportunities I have had. Every day I give thanks for the medical care we received and the support I have had.

My own mother lives far away, and actually celebrates Mother's Day in May. I often don't send a gift or card but this year I will give a gift in her name that will mean something, not only to her, but another mum that I will never meet.

UNICEF are encouraging us to give a very special Mother's Day gift this year and on their website you will find lots of ideas.

High energy biscuits £16
High Energy Biscuits
Provide high protein biscuits for
young children caught up in

The biscuits are filled with
vitamins and minerals providing
vulnerable children with a source
of high-quality nutrition in times
of food scarcity.

Peanut paste for a malnourished child £23.50
Peanut Paste

Your gift provides a
month's supply of
therapeutic peanut paste
- a life-saving food -
enough to bring a
severely malnourished
child back to health.

Magic Milk £12

Magic Milk

Give life-saving, therapeutic
milk for the treatment of severe
child malnutrition. Therapeutic
milk is a milk-based powder
used in emergency feeding
centres, refugee camps and

There are many other gifts, blankets, safe delivery of a baby, weighing scales. I think Mother's Day is a great opportunity to remember and help those mums who live in dire conditions. Just a small donation can make a huge practical difference to these women and their beautiful children.

Please consider buying a special inspired Mothers Day gift from UNICEF


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