Monday 12 March 2012

On My Birthday Meme

I discovered this Meme when Angela at This is Life posted it. She didn't tag me however, I have taken it upon myself to join in as it looks fun!  If you are taking part, the easiest way is to use Wikipedia and type your birthday in the search box. The very lovely, accomplished cake maker, Kate at The 5 Fs has come up with it and invites you to grab the badge and join in her linky.

When is your birthday? June 3

Pick 3 people who share your birthday and what you know about them
Suzi Quatro - growing up, she was the only famous person I was aware of who shared my birthday, and very proud I am too! What an awesome person to share a birthday with!

Wasim Akram - as a teenager I loved (and still do) watching cricket. Wasim was one of my favourite players and I've seen him bowl live, so quick. And another interesting fact, he had career saving groin surgery in Tasmania, at Queenstown hospital, which is very remote, but had, at the time, a very accomplished orthopaedic surgeon workng there.

Kelly Jones - lead singer of the Stereophonics, a band I really like and have also had the pleasure of seeing live. 

Is anyone listed as being born on the same day and year as you, and what do you know about them.
I did manage to find 3, but I know nothing about them!
Bryan Rekar, Oak Lawn IL, pitcher (Colorado Rockies)
Omar Douglas, NFL wide receiver (NY Giants)
Robert Kennedy, cricketer (New Zealand opening bowler 1996) 

List 3 people who died on your birthday and what you know about them
Robert Morley - I remember watching "Who's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe" on television with my mum and grandmother. I recall being sad when he died but didn't twig he'd died on my birthday.
Frances Shand Kydd - the mother of Princess Diana, who I must admit to knowing little about, other than the fact I knew she was Catholic and very devout, and didn't always see eye to eye with her daughter.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini - as a child growing up in Australia I was starting to become more politically and culturally aware, and Khomeini is possibly the first Muslim I ever learnt about . His image was often shown on television, and I was fascinated by this stern, disciplined man.

List 3 notable events that occured on your birthday

1937 - The Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Simpson
1989 - The Government of China send in the troops to Tianenman Square to crush protesters 
1992 - After a lengthy battle Aboriginal Land Rights are granted in Australia in Mabo v Queensland (1988) 

Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday

I've chosen Mabo Day, June 3. It's celebrated as a public (bank) holiday in Queensland and there's a push to have it made a National holiday in Australia, which I fully support. Prior to the Mabo decision Australia was declared to be Terra Nullius - land belonging to no one. I always thought this was desperately unfair and sad, that all the history that existed in Australia counted for nothing, that the land was declared to be empty. The Mabo decision changed everything. So much still needs to change.


 Now for the fun bit! I tag:

Katherine @PinkWellies79
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  1. Hehe I thought I should only tag 5! But yes, anyone should participate without waiting to be tagged, if you see the post, then you are tagged ;)

    Nice that there is such an interesting holiday on your birthday!

  2. Done, publishes in the morning :) x

  3. Wow, you've got quite a birthday and great that you can relate so much of it to your own life. Suzi Quatro and Kelly Jones are indeed cool birthday twins to have.