Monday 23 April 2012

Fabulous Bags - Clippy London

Joseph is turning three in a few weeks time. I will blog a lot about his birthday, but in the run up I am feeling a bit delicate, which I will tell you more about in the coming days. Anyway, I really wanted to cheer myself up and saw that Clippy London were looking for bloggers to review their bags. I saw one last year at Cybermummy carried by Lou from Bloggomy, and stupidly forgot to ask her to write down where she got it!

Clippy London make amazing bags that you can personalise yourself. Commonly people use photos, and Calypso, the creator of this bag, has charm kits that you can use to dress them up further. I chose tote bag, to showcase some of my favourite photos. Here is the front of the bag:

On the front I chose 5 photos, with 4 of the Clippy designs to punctuate them. I really love it, and at Blog Camp yesterday found it fantastic, whilst telling the story of my blog, I could show them Joseph. Of course whenever I say he is the inspiration for Not Even A Bag of Sugar, people ask how he is doing now, so what better way than through pictures?

For the back I chose my 8 most favourite photos. I really love these and I think they look fantastic all together.

Calypso who is the mastermind behind Clippy has some amazing products and new releases are coming soon. She also has sticker kits so you can further personalise your masterpiece.

I really love the bag that I reviewed. I can see loads of applications for it, with little samples of knitting, embroidery, drawings etc, you are only limited by your own imagination and creativity.

I'm going to be a regular customer now, for gifts for my nieces, I have four, these are just ideal. I think they'd make lovely gifts for little bridesmaids or big ones!

As well as being pretty, I found my bag great for holding knitting, magazines, and other essentials for my train journey to Blog Camp and look forward to taking it on more adventures.

I received a Clippy Bag to review, all opinions are my own.

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