Monday 30 April 2012

Funny Things He Says - Conversations with Joseph

About six months ago, Joseph's nursery expressed concern at his speech. They were concerned he wasn't speaking in sentences and wasn't expressing his thoughts and emotions clearly. I was left scratching my head, as the developmental milestone is that they be forming 2 word sentences together and have a vocabularly of 50-200 words, which he far exceeded. I dutifully toddled off to the Health Visitor for a review, where Joseph proceeded to point to pictures. "That is a paintbrush for painting a picture", "That is a fireman with his fire engine, he is going to put out a fire".  Personally I think they got his age wrong. Any way, no matter as now, at almost 3 Joseph's speech is wonderful.

One thing that makes us laugh is that Joseph speaks very well, but still throws in the occasional pet name. My favourite is when I go to help him with a game or project. One he's had enough of me, he yells "mum, go back to the cannerpoo and leave me alone!" Cannerpoo being Joseph for computer.

Sometimes if Joseph really wants something, he'll look at you with big eyes and say "mummy I want and need" so this morning it was a straw for his milk, "mummy I want and need a straw for my milk, please". It makes his request that little bit more compelling I find.

A really funny thing he says, that I have no idea where it comes from, is if he wants you to play with something he grabs the item, gives it to you and says "welcome to". For example he'll thrust a car at you and say "welcome to the broom broom broom". The other morning, whilst attempting to have a semi-relaxing bath a small boy ran in, threw a small plastic toy into the bath shouting "welcome to the lobster". Ok.......

When daddy returns home from work of an evening, Joseph bounds up with a big grin and says "Daddy, did you have a lovely time?" He's normally greeted with "oh yes of course I did".

I have been starting to explain to Joseph more about his birth, and what it was like. He has started asking for a brother or sister, which is difficult at times. We watched this wonderful programme, the Incubator together on Friday. I was surprised how much he understood and was fascinated with watching the babies in the hospital and he seemed to relate to it, afterall he has seen a lot of pictures of him as a neonate, and has a little board of baby photos in his room.

In fact whilst writing this on a busy Monday morning, Joseph came to see what I was up to and to play with YouTube, his latest fascination. When I explained I was busy he said "calm down mum and let me watch my cannerpoo".

I love my clever little boy, and I am so proud of his speech. He may not be able to jump, but he can read me a story from memory, and keep me entertained all day!

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  1. He's just gorgeous. I can't wait for Littlebit's language to come on. The funniest thing she says at the moment is "Oh no!" in a strong Northern accent, where she's got that from I don't know...

  2. Love it! My kids never "wanted" anything either, they always "needed" things! Clever little monkeys these kids are!

  3. He is so sweet! And I don't believe he has speech problem! Is he gonna stay on for the pre-school year? They better get his age right this time!

  4. AugustEverAfter30 April 2012 at 10:28

    I blame the fact that a lot of children's tv is voiced by Jane Horricks (Little Princess, Fifi and the Flowertots, a fairy in Tinkerbell), my niece does it too!

  5. AugustEverAfter30 April 2012 at 13:02

    I'm always amazed by little children, by the insight they can have and the clarity with which they see the things we muddy up. Laughter is such a gift, I'm all teary with just the thought of the simple joy you find in his company. I'm looking forward. Not to anything in particular, just trying to face the right direction with your journey for inspiration.

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