Monday 7 May 2012

Joseph's Party

Joseph is turning 3 tomorrow, and I could do a post about how I feel about everything that happened, but you know, I actually feel ok about things this year, which is such progress, I am so happy I am not feeling sad and traumatised this year! So let's talk about Joseph's party. I have to say this year I decided to outsource. his party was held at Boomerang which I have blogged about before. I even outsourced the cake. I adore baking but it just felt too much this year.
Thanks Mr Tesco

The party was amazing. The kids had an hour to play in the three rooms. At first Joseph was just completely overwhelmed. He had ten friends present, from various walks of life and seeing them all in one room was a bit too much for Joseph at first! But he soon got into the swing of it!
Joseph looking gorgeous in his new top, getting into the music session

After all the fun and games there was a huge table full of food and hungry little dinosaurs. Joseph was so hungry he ate six sandwiches!

 Soon it was time to sing Happy Birthday, and cut the cake. We had a very tired boy in the afternoon, but far too excited to sleep!

His party was an absolute joy, thanks to the team at Boomerang!


  1. I can't believe he is three. It seems like only moments ago we were chatting about his walking etc.

    Happy birthday Joseph.

    Lots of love


  2. Hey that top is amazing! And actually the cake decor is really quite sweet! Hope Joseph has a lovely third birthday and his mummy too - who Joseph is very lucky to have x

  3. I agree that baking can be too much for a hectic time like this hehe. That cake looks gorgeous! I was surprised it came from Tesco!

    Happy birthday Joseph, glad you had a fab day!

    Btw the lady fingers I bought that was not good was from a supermarket brand. I would use the branded ones though, they are really good ;) x