Monday 25 June 2012

Blogging for the Greater Good - How to Blog for Charity

I spoke at Britmums this weekend, about blogging for the greater good. I know there were several strong sessions at the same time, Pinterest and Facebook being two of them, and I would have loved to have split myself in three. So if you missed the session, or wanted a recap I thought I would put my thoughts in a blog post, as I didn't get to say all the things I wanted to.

Do you have to pick just one charity? Some of my panel members suggested you have to find one charity that speaks to you. I have to say, that to a point, I disagree with this. I think there are different levels of involvement, and its ok not to put all your eggs in one basket. Afterall a lot of us probably donate to more than one charity, I know I do. My main charity engagement is with Tommy's and I can't see that changing, but I do bits for other charities too. Firstly Joseph and I directly benefitted from Bliss, and there are other charities, like Best Beginnings doing amazing things in my field of interest. I also love helping other bloggers and adding to their cause, and I know what goes around comes around and they'll help me too.

How do I approach a charity? There are a couple of ways. I tend to follow my chosen charity on Twitter. Check out their Facebook page too. A charity having a Twitter/Facebook presence is an indication they "get" social media and will be open to working with bloggers. It also gives you an idea of the charity's "voice" and whether it matches your own. You could try tweeting them first. I did this with Diabetes UK. I had an idea for a post already, and wanted to know if they wanted to be named on it etc. Alternatively, send an email. Charities are busy, so keep it short and sweet. Just who you are, why you are interested - share your back story should it be relevant, and don't be too prescriptive. Be open to what the charity suggests.

I am too shy for that, are there any other ways? Yes, keep an eye out on the Charity Connections group on Britmums. The other blog networks like Netmums, Mumsnet and Tots100 also have charity opportunities. Also, keep an eye out for what other bloggers are doing. I recently got involved in #ShareNiger, you can see the badge on my blog, from a social media and donation point of view. I also took part in #dosomethingyummy for Clic Sargent. There are loads of ways to spread your influence and use your skills.

As a blogger are there any benefits from getting involved in charity work? Very clearly there is the "feel good" factor. I adore the work I do for Tommy's and I know its helped women get more information and have safer and happier pregnancies. There are other benefits too. Blogging is all about brilliant content. Often charity posts are a great way of telling a story, and if its a cause your passionate about, those posts will stand the test of time. Have a search for my #dosomethingyummy posts! If your blogging in a group, it will help your stats, if you care about that sort of thing, through other bloggers linking to you etc. For charity work I would use "follow" links, please don't make them "no follow". I can explain more about this if there are questions. You will also make great friends. I got to know Nickie much better through #dosomethingyummy.

Blogging for charity can be as involved or as casual as you like. You don't need to sign your life away and make a massive commitment but of course you can if you want. Blogging for charity is fun, challenging, and interesting. Be open to it!

If you need further help you can find my email address and other ways to contact on the buttons on my blog. 

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  1. thefamilypatch25 June 2012 at 13:11

    Thank you for this post and for your contributions to the session! I am currently working with PSS (a small charity, working on a national scale but with more of a local scale framework and funds right now) and it is a HUGE passion of mine to help them in whatever way I can. Hearing how others have done it is so helpful and inspiring x