Tuesday 26 June 2012

The Funniest Things About Britmums Live

  • Being bombed. I was staying in the Travelodge on the City Road, I had just dropped off to sleep and "kaboooooooooooooooooooooom" the room glowed red, there were flashes around the window, I lept up ready to evacuate the room in my pink satin polka dot pyjamas when there was another bang, and the penny dropped, it was fireworks coming from the Honourable Artilery Company across the road. No evacuation required.
  • Babies. Never in my life have I seen so many well behaved babies in an adult oriented venue and function. The worst offender was Monika's little cherub, who just lay around looking adorable. I spotted several equally wonderful babies, and was disturbed by my ovaries pinging at every given moment. Give me a squawking bad tempered baby any time, they really cement my decision not to produce again, unlike these little dears.
  • Naked men. Well not wholly naked, but at the drinks party were scantily clad butlers showing their stuff to all and sundry. Not my thing really, but they were funny, and it was amusing to see normally staid, sane bloggers turn to mush. My drinks were supplied by a fully clad female waitress. I like my men full dressed thanks. Well, clearly not all the time, as I have managed to make one baby!
  • Playing hooky. I am the sort of person that goes to every single session at these things. However on the Saturday morning there wasn't a talk that floated my boat, so I went and played at the PR stands, and visited TKMaxx too. I loved their set up with Homesense and looking at all the pretty homewares and clothes, and ran into my new best female friend Helen Gunter. Who mistook me for Monika and congratulated me on my new baby! Ha!
  • Getting an autograph. I am a huge fan of Maison Cupcake. It never ceases to amaze me that I never went into food blogging, and Sarah's website convinces me there is no need, as she is the sort of food blogger I would aspire to be, and as she does it so well, there is no point me doing it! I bought her beautiful book Sweet Bitesize Bakes at the Waterstones stall at Britmums Live and got her to sign it! Sarah is also a fellow pre eclampsia survivor and premmie mum.
  • Guessing the winner of my section of the BiB awards! I met up with the gorgeous Lisa Pearson and was teasing her in the afternoon (good naturedly) and the winner is.....and that I had a good feeling. And I was right! Go me! And well deserved too!
  • Worrying about finding my Tommy's crew and nearly falling over them on the street!
  • The expat dinner, and bemoaning the lack of laundries in English homes with the lovely Rachel  and creating ANZAC corner with fellow expat Vegemite Vix who is even more wonderful in real life than on line!
I had a great time at the BiBs and it was pretty wonderful to be out and about enjoying myself. And I totally wasted the free WiFi on the way home by falling asleep in first class!




  1. Sounds like you had a great time Kylie. I'd love to meet Vegemite Vix in person, I've followed her blog for absolute ages :-)

  2. Oh wow it was so cool to meet you! I'm just sorting out the ANZAC corner thing on BritMums but hopefully very soon we'll have our very own space to chat about ANZAC biscuits and stuff. It'll be beaut! xxx

  3. Gosh how lovely. Thank you so much, I feel all warm and fuzzy now. x