Sunday 10 June 2012

A Busy Time - An Update

Apologies for the radio silence over the past two days. I was whisked away to the Norfolk coast for a few days, to relax and recharge. The weather was typically British, but in between the showers, we managed some fun times like donkey rides on the beach and stuff. Unfortunately my smartphone is still out of action so not much in the way of pictures for me until I have it sorted.

Whilst I was away I went to London and visited the lovely Lissy Green at Bliss, who is immensely passionate about volunteering, and I came away from the meeting full of ideas and inspiration. And, she has put a daft idea in my head about doing a half marathon next year, but we'll see. My poorly knee is still bad so off to the doctor this week. It would be an amazing achievement, and if I pick somewhere pretty to do it, that would be a good thing.

I then met with the amazing Vicky and Dawn at Tommys. I'm really excited about seeing them both at Britmums Live, which is less than a fortnight away! If any of you are coming to Britmums, look out for them, and come and say hi. Tommy's are just fabulous to work with from a blogging point of view and I'd have got a lot out of blogging for them, and learnt so much.

Saturday was spent with some amazing parents, all of whom campaign for Bliss, getting our politicians to stand up and take notice of the tiny lives we fight for. There is so much pressure on neonatal care in terms of the NHS rationalisation and changes, and small babies get easily forgotten. I've come away with renewed focus and determination to get on with more campaigning and fact finding in our area, especially after all the changes with the Making It Better NHS initiative in our area.

I was really inspired by the other parents, and their determination, their stories, and their desire to do something for other babies and parents, finding themselves in a neonatal unit. I hope to bring you news of our progress. I am also hoping to persuade some of the others to join us in blogging, as its such a great way to bring a positive message about premature babies to the world.

Normal service has been resumed, and I'll be bringing you lots of news in the coming weeks I am sure!


  1. A couple of ladies were very interested in blogging so I took their email addresses and will add them to the Facebook group when I clear out the laptop bag!

  2. Fantastic work achieved over these few days. It is always great when meeting with the right people gives you a renewed passion for something you have been working hard on. I will certainly be seeking out these guys at BritMums and if you ever want any help promoting just give me a nudge, always happy to help for raising awareness of premature births. Don't dismiss the idea of a half marathon - bet you thought you would never do the 10K this time last year - you can achieve ANYTHING. I have just recently started running again and am doing the BUPA Great South Run in October as my tester for potentially applying for the Marathon in April. Crazy yes, but once that seed gets planted in your mind it's hard to ignore it. Nothing better than a challenge against yourself :-) xxx