Sunday 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

It's not Father's Day for my dad, that's September, so today is all about Corey, my husband, dad to Joseph.

When we first started going out, Corey said that he didn't want children. I did push him, I was a little tiny bit sad, but at 34 had come to terms with not being a mother. One day, out of the blue, he said "when we have a baby", he changed his mind.

Corey knew I was pregnant before I did, and pressed me to take a test. We were both over the moon, newly married and expecting a baby. It was stressful at times, wondering how we'd make it work, with little family support in a one bedroom flat, but over all we just couldn't wait to see our baby.

When Joseph was born at 27 weeks, Corey really stepped up, he was inspirational. He immediately bonded with Joseph, visiting him regularly whilst I was in HDU, taking pictures, finding out information and keeping me in the loop. He maintained going to work, looking after me, and our new, poorly son. He was fantastic.

As time has gone on, he has really grown as a dad. It's his job to teach Joseph about football and cricket, they go to the park together, play together and have a ball.

I am so proud to have seen Corey mature as a dad, and he's awesome.

Happy Father's Day.

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