Friday 22 June 2012

Train Travel without a Toddler

I am going to Britmums Live today, and it comes to mind that its been ages since I did a long distance train trip without a small person!

  • Find your normal carry on bag, take out the essentials, phone charger, wallet, lady essentials, and put them in a small handbag.

  • Pack your overnight bag. Marvel at how much room you have. No Thomas the Tank toys, small persons pyjamas, nappies......what to do with all that space?

  • Pack your shoes, then pack another pair, go on there is room. Pack an outfit for an evening do, pack another one so you have a choice. Bag still only 1/4  full! Plenty of room for Britmums Live goodies.

  • Arrange your transport to the station. Get there half an hour early. Have a coffee in Starbucks, you could even get to read the paper.
  • Find your seat on train. No need to negotiate or worry that your toddler will take up a seat, and have to accommodate them somewhere! 
  • Get out your tablet, plug it in, turn on wi fi, content in the knowledge you won't be opening your Peppa Pig apps!
  • Find your ticket for the conductor in 2 seconds, not having to weave your way through packets of emergency chocolate buttons, matchbox cars and crayons.
  • Check your Facebook, watch a tv programme, enjoy the quiet, read a book, you remember them don't you? Or what about a magazine, without a CBeebies character on the front. 
  • Arrive at Euston, breeze off the train, no "1 2 3 big step", get to the underground and whizz down the escalator, through the queue for the tickets and on to the train, not a tantrum to be heard, well not from your child anyway.
  •  Arrive at hotel, pack your things away nicely, and sit down.
  • Catch your breath for a minute and try to just enjoy the peace and quiet and not feel sad that you haven't got a little person tucked under your feet with a collection of Matchbox cars racing them around your hotel room.


  1. Real Suburban Mummy22 June 2012 at 07:44

    Hahaha brilliant - I however still seem to have a bag full of stuff due to inability to make a decision over what to wear and needing straighteners etc! However I did empty the toy cars, dummies and dolly out of my handbag!

  2. Real Suburban Mummy22 June 2012 at 07:44

    Ooooh and PS Good look for the BiB's x

  3. Fab post,you forget how much easier travel is when no toddler to occupy.
    A lovely treat.
    Good luck

  4. I'm reading this on the train with h next to me and the toddler asleep in my lap! Hope to see you there

  5. I bet everyone at Brit mums live is enjoying that peaceful journey. Enjoy every moment lol

  6. I still need a massive bag, with all of the rubbish that I take with me! Lol But it is always strange to sit and be quiet on the train, although Baba is very good at falling asleep on the train which is fab but means I have to read a book with one hand lol xxx