Thursday 16 August 2012

The Post That Was Meant to Be Funny

I started thinking about this post yesterday after coming home from the doctor's with Joseph. I thought it would be a funny one about how my appointment went, which it has to be said, was hilarious. So perhaps we'll start with that. However this post has a serious side too, and I really need some help.

Late last week I started bloating and getting stomach pains. At first I thought it was my period starting, however it became apparent with every passing day there was something going on. I now look far more pregnant now than I ever did whilst actually pregnant. The pain is ever present. I am exhausted. So exhausted, bone crushingly tired.

Joseph normally attends preschool 3 mornings a week, but it's term time only. I never thought I'd be the sort of person to moan about summer holidays, but my lord it's been tough. Joseph's sleep pattern is changing and he's potty training, and I'm finding these two things tough to deal with on my own. I have work, my health and social care diploma, my blog and my charity work all on the go, and like most mums am dashing about spinning plates in the air hoping to God none of them smash on the floor.

I decided the time had come to see the GP. I had to take Joseph with me. Of course, because this GP is so wonderful, she's always late. So Joseph soon tired of the bead table and decided to tell everyone about his poorly mother. Thankfully the doctor soon appeared. Joseph took over for me "doctor doctor mummy has a very poorly tummy, you must fix it!". As she got me on the bed to examine me, Joseph was beside himself with worry. The doctor reassured him that I was ok. I have a provisional diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and a prescription for Omeprazole and peppermine oil capsules.

I took Joseph out of the room and he dashed off into the waiting room, I assumed to have one last go at the bead table. Wrong. The waiting room is set out like a theatre with 4 rows of seats. It was heaving. Joseph took centre stage "Everyone, Everyone, please listen to me, mummy has seen the doctor and she has....." I quickly scruffed him, the audience was in hysterical laughter. Mortified is not the word.

All the stress started with our summer holiday in the first week of the summer break, which did not go to plan. Since then I have been feeling really stressed trying to be all things to everyone.

I am in tears writing this. I know, really, in the grand scheme of things, IBS is no biggie. I will learn to manage it, what to eat, what to do when it flares up etc. But its yet another chronic ongoing condition to add to my asthma and essential hypertension.

I'm in the process of reassessing how I manage my time for the next few weeks. I am going to trial posting less. I am putting myself under stupid pressure to post everyday. That is unnecessary. I am going to do a few review posts that I have outstanding and just post on pressing matters until preschool goes back, and then reassess again.

I really need to find some Kylie time. I can't tell you when I last did something just for me. I've always been good at getting the balance right, but lately I've failed. My hair needs cutting, I need new clothes (once the bloating has gone!) and I need to just "be". I am finding things such a strain, and perhaps the IBS needed to happen to give me a kick up the backside (no pun intended) and to slow down.

And, by the by, peppermint tablets are weird. They are enteric coated so they don't dissolve til they hit your stomach, but then you can taste peppermint all the time, which is well weird! It's like constantly having a trace of toothpaste in your mouth.

If anyone has any experience or tips in dealing with IBS that would be wonderful.

Thank you.


  1. I find my ibs is hormone driven. I diet manage really well (no white bread or pasta) but when I am pregnant i can eat and still have no ibs. I always get attacks around my period too. Another friend has managed hers by trying different oral contraceptives and manages it with this and diet. Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Oh lovely lady, you're so wonderful to everyone else, so many people feel supported and encouraged by you, it's time to put you first for a while.

    IBS comes and goes in my experience, what I mean by that is it probably won't feel as ongoing as asthma and hypertension. It'll likely only be an issue when something makes it flare up, such as your stressful holiday. So when life is ticking over nicely it's likely that it won't bother you at all. A friend of mine once had IBS symptoms for 6 months following her mother's admission to hospital and then never had trouble with it again since. The peppermint is weird though, your breath will smell of it, as will your sweat! But hey there are worse things to smell of!
    Your blog is brilliant and has a great reputation, no one will mind if you don't post everyday, we'll just enjoy it when you do.
    Hope you get to find some space to take deep breaths and put your feet up, maybe when it's not raining you should sit in the garden and drink tea (peppermint of course)
    Lots of love to you Hxxx

  3. start learning to say 'no'. :-)

  4. Since having my monkey, I have developed IBS. I found stress triggers it (can't always be controlled) and certain foods which I now try and avoid. My mum and sister have IBS more chronically than I do, and have become expert ingredient-readers and over the years, realised their own red flags and avoid them like the plague! My sister eats small portions little and often so she doesn't get too full which helps her, and rests a lot when convenient. I imagine it is all overwhelming, sometimes it just takes one thing to send you (or Joseph!) over the edge. Definitely set aside Kylie time; it is so important to look after yourself above all. Also take up any offers that anyone makes to make anything that tiny bit easier! xx

  5. Good on you duckie! :D Less stress and pressure on yourself is vital in managing IBS. I always had a mild form of it when I was 'proper' teaching - maybe how I stayed so skinny - along with all the running around and barely having time to eat.

    My husband suffers quite badly with it (he would be mortified me telling you). The more stressful his day or the more work he knows he has to do before setting off, the worse it is. You'll have to let us know how the peppermint capsules go - might be something he can try.

    Caffeine can also aggravate it - hubby has switched to fruit tea during the day, which seems to make it a little better.

  6. charlotte.cheshire16 August 2012 at 15:02

    Hon, as much as you can around Joseph, put your feet up, relax and take some of the pressure off! Your blog is fabulous but it should be a way of venting or writing the things you need to write, it shouldn't be a pressure that you somehow have to keep up with. I'll let you in on a little secret, I love your blog and I also don't read it every day because I don't have time around my little monkey. It's ok to give yourself a break. Like Christina says, I've also found that caffeine irritates me. I've never actually be diagnosed with IBS but with very similar symptoms, I just assume I'm prone to it as I've got friends with it. When I drink decaf coffee I'm fine, too much caffeine rich coffee (as I love) and I'm not. Strangely normal tea doesn't bother me but I guess everyone is different. All I'm saying is give yourself a break honey!

  7. So much to handle for one person!! I laughed hysterically at the funny part, but also feel for you. PLEASE, take care of yourself. If there is anyway I can help you with the blog / twitter / FB (bloggers unite), please don't hesitate to ask - I don't really have specific ideas, but I'm willing to try? You have so much to give, but can't give if you're spent. xoxo

  8. I do read everyday but understand that you may need to temporarily cut down. As long as we're all agreed it's temporary RIGHT??!

  9. No advice on ibs but look after yourself and rest.
    Not blogging everyday is understandable,you have a lot on and always worry about others,time for yourself is needed too!
    Haha,leanna,love it BUT agree totally :) x

    Joseph,cheeky boy! You look after mummy and try not to share everything about her even if she tells us all about you x

  10. My other half has IBS and says get some Mibeverine, its the best drug. Take care of yourself Kylie

  11. Oh how I feel for you! And please don't be so hard on yourself if you're not able to blog everyday. It's about quality not quantity (though the quality of your blogs has always been excellent!). Even print journalists don't write articles every day.