Thursday 2 August 2012

Kiddimoto Middi - A Wonderful Solution for Special Kids

One of the lovely things about being a blogger is that you become a quasi journalist and have access to loads of information and new products. Your blog becomes like your own personal online magazine! I know from my Facebook page that a lot of you have older children, often former premature babies, who now have residual difficulties as a result. I learnt about the Kiddimoto Middi and just wanted to share it with you all.

Joseph, as regular readers will know, has had a few issues with walking. His grandparents bought him a balance bike for his 3rd birthday, and its really helping him with his balance and co ordination. A balance bike looks like a normal 2 wheeler bike but has no pedals, and until you have seen a child in action, its hard to appreciate just how much can be done on it, and the speed a child can go at once they get confident! But his bike is small, by the time he is 5 or 6 he will no longer be using it. In his case he should be ok to move to a bike with pedals. However, I find it reassuring if he is not ready to move on, or unable to, then there is an alternative!

As well as being a mummy to Joseph, I am also a support worker, and have had a lot of experience with children with additional needs, and I know how important it is to find toys and equipment that suits the child's needs, and is still bright, cool and trendy!

For many children a bike with pedals won't be appropriate at 6, perhaps never, and that's where the Kiddimoto Middi comes in, designed for children from 6-12 years who have developmental factors that mean they need a bike that suits their needs. The Kiddimoto Middi has been designed with special needs kids in mind, an all-abilities bike,  which I think is just fab!

The Middi is so cool, it comes in two different colour ways, the Union Jack and Pastel Dotty, and is made out of wood, durable birch plywood, with penumatic tyres.

The Middi is priced at £139.99 and will give a good 6 years of speedy riding about! 

I requested information about the Middi as I thought it was amazing and wanted my readers to know about it!


  1. Balance bikes are a great way to get them used to balancing and steering. Also their confidence comes on in leaps and bounds. Balance bikes are often a great way of starting out on 2 wheels (as opposed to a two wheel bike with stabilisers) and usually form a natural precursor to riding solo.

    K can already ride a 2 wheeler without support and I wholeheartedly recommend the bike she has which is an Islabike CNOC 16. They are expensive when bought new and still expensive secondhand. However they do hold their resale value. If you are looking to review bikes for slightly older children their website is

  2. charlotte.cheshire3 August 2012 at 12:43

    So I guess I'm missing the point but with no pedals, how do children move it? Or is it equivalent to a scooter where the put their feet on the ground?

  3. Yes they kick the ground, but you would be amazed how far they can go on it, and how fast. Joseph whizzes about on his small version!


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