Thursday 9 August 2012

The Potty, The Dunny and Poo is Quite Funny

Oh potty training, how I love thee. Leaving the security of nappies for the wide world of character underpants, and free roaming willies. I have to confess, I have put it off for as long as I can, potty training and this post. And it's one of those that I am going to have to delete before Joseph can read online! But after the quite tough content on my blog this week I think we could all do with a bit of a giggle.

So the good - Joseph is abandoning the potty.......for the dunny, you know, the loo. Which is amazing, except it sounds like an elephant is crash landing on my house everytime he goes. We have a wooden seat, which he throws upwards with a great big thump, then puts his little training seat on, then throws the lid down, climbs on and wees! It is quite a performance. But at least I have one man in the house who can manage to put the seat down!

When we are out, he is fantastic. We were at our Bliss Little Stars group the other day, and Joseph, at that time, had been potty training for less than 2 weeks. He popped over to me, abandoning tipping sand all over the floor of the playroom (who puts a sandbox inside??) and came up and said ever so politely "mummy I need the toilet please" and away we went. Out and about we have had very few accidents. The only thing is, I go to the cubicle with him, help him with the loo, and he announces loudly "I have done a wee on the toilet, tell me I'm wonderful" cue stifled giggles from other women in the public loos.

Clearly this situation of wee is assisted by the fact that willies, apparently, are wonderful fun. When out walking often I hear a little voice saying "mummy I need to wee on the grass", so we find a secluded spot, and off he goes. Only unchecked the willy has a life of its own, a situation I am sure does not improve as they get older, so needs a little guidance. Another to my list of "job roles I never thought I'd have" - willy tamer. I have to say, I do hope we get a good covering of snow this year!

The bad, quite seriously, is poo. I have no idea what to do about poo. This is gross and disgusting, so if you are eating, stop, either reading or eating. For the first few days my little cherub would come up to be and say "mummy I need a baby wipe", stupidly I would ask why "mummy......there's a poo in my bottom". No amount of explaining that the potty or the loo is the place for poo seemed to work. After day 4 it got better, but worse. "Mummy I've done a poo", "oh ok, where?" I would ask. "On the carpet". Great, we have laminate throughout with one tiny bit of carpet. Fabulous.

Just over a week and Joseph did one in the potty! Much dancing and cheering and clapping, and Joseph was so proud of himself, and I was proud too. Sadly, a one off. On more than one occasion I have been tempted to reach for the nappies and go back to the security of something other than me between poo and the outside world. I know, I know, like a troop on the front line, onwards I must go.

Today we were at the playground. Suddenly Joseph stops trying to steal other cherubs icecream (mummy fail, we got to the park just as the iceream van was leaving), and comes to me quietly. "Mummy I need to change my nappy". Oh no. Poor Mr Bump undies. Home for Joseph and rubbish bin for said undies.

We will get there, I am sure, and he's such a star with wee, and progress is being made in the poo department.

Any advice or assistance gratefully accepted at this time of need.

Or send gin.


  1. Yay Joseph on doing so well with his potty training!! In every book I read about PT-ing it said that it takes longer to understand poo. The only way I solved it (and THIS is gross!) was to one day take an accident, put it in the toilet and then I showed it to Meg and said, "see this is where our poos go" and that seemed to nudge her in the right direction. I think it's a different sensation so takes longer for them to click with it. So in the interim I'll send a large bottle! xx

  2. charlotte.cheshire9 August 2012 at 09:41

    *passing the gin and wiping the tears from my eyes* Oh Kylie, this made me laugh so much! We have yet to reach this stage but I can just imagine a small voice demanding to be told he's wonderful....or pooing on the one bit of carpet that remains in the house (we are slowly replacing with laminate yet the cats determinedly find the carpet on which to be sick - you needed to know that didn't you?!) You absolutely cannot delete this though, even when Joseph is old enough to read it, just pretend it doesn't exist, it's just too funny!

  3. We are the same stage with Robert, he gets the wee thing but not the pooping! No amount of encouraging will persuade him and seems to get the opposite reaction :( I'm thinking mine just might not be ready yet...

  4. If it's any consolation, we're still in a similar position - wees are ok - although she seldom actually asks to go still. But poo? ARGH!

  5. Oh I did giggle! I have this to look forward to in a few years! He's so cute!

  6. Once, whilst playing outside early one mornng, Jethro pooed his pants and decided that rather come inside and have it dealt with, he's just strip off the offending clothing and wipe his bum on a LARGE STICK. Yes. Stick. Stick was then cleverly reclaimed as pooy pants holder. This amusing game might have gone on who knows how long had I not stepped outside to check on him.

  7. Giggling away here - Cian's forcing me to embark on this by constantly removing his nappy and sitting on the potty. He is also successful at wees but we haven't had a poo yet - or a disaster - I'm sure there's plenty of time for that! x

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