Thursday 23 August 2012

The Secret Language of a 3 Year Old and some Bits and Bobs

Joseph's language never ceases to amaze me. I love the way he talks, his hilarious little accent which is a combination of Lancashire, Bury and Aussie. I love that he still has little quirks that only we understand. 

"Mummy?" a litte voice says, standing next to me as I switch on the computer. "I want to speak to grandma in oo garden".
"Yes Joseph of course, lets take a look and see if she's there". I find oo garden and click video call, and there she is.
"Grandma! Grandma!" Joseph shouts excitedly, "You are here in oo garden!"
Oo garden = Skype

"I really want to go the summer house mummy, then we can play at the pirate play ground and go swimming and eat icecream", Joseph says excitedly. "Can we go? Please please please?"
Summer house = the house in Great Yarmouth owned by my in laws. We also have the German summer house, their home in Germany.

"Let's go to the football house mummy, it's fun!"
The football house is the pub down the road with a beer garden, climbing frame and bouncy castle!

"Mummy its Friday, should we go to the cafe or have chicken bucket? We could go to a normal cafe/
Cafe = Macdonalds; Chicken Bucket = KFC and a normal cafe is any eating place that isn't either of the previously mentioned establishments

"Mummy I am trying to play, go away! Get back to your cannerpoo and leave me alone!"
Cannerpoo = computer

I currently have a guest post over at Mummy Pinkwellies today, and would love if you could check it out and perhaps comment. K is a dear blogging friend, I love her blog, and it would be great to see you all over there. Leanna at Diary of a Premmy Mum has written an amazing post in a similar vein and I want you all to read it, please!

I would love to get some feedback about my blog and where you would like to see it going, what sort of posts and features would you like to see. I feel I need a bit of a change in direction and would love some feedback from you, my readers, about what you would like to read, what sort of topics you would like me to cover etc.

Thank you all for your continued support.


  1. Loved it! I have almost 3 year old grandtwins who just moved to a town named Manalapan ... which they promptly dubbed "Banana Pants". LOL!

  2. Well madame, I for one love these sorts of posts. This just made me grin from ear to ear. I can just see Joseph saying those things. Such a sweetie :)

    I think you can strike a balance between normal parenting posts, like this one and the odd preemie / pregnancy posts too. You're doing a fab job, do what's right for you :)

    And HUGE thanks for the guest post :) x

  3. Yes this post is ace! It's been very entertaining to read this and read the little anecdotes on Facebook. The things our little people say - so funny and cute!

    I agree with K, it is possible to strike a balance - but I think you're doing the right thing in feeling you want a bit of a blogcation from the preemie posts you normally write (I had to do it when I too reached that "stage") - and then you can mix it up and write new direction posts but still do posts on the preemie perspective when you have something you want to address or share.

    Have a play around and see what feels right. Have a bit of fun and experiment and before long you'll settle into a new groove :)

  4. that's really funny! I love how they make their own words or phrases up when they don't know the real words....I love 3 year olds!

  5. These are lovely, he will really get a giggle out of reading this when he is older.

  6. Oh! I thought Joseph was calling Skype "Zoo garden". That made sense to me. It's not only kids who have their own language thoughts.