Wednesday 22 August 2012

Back to School with George at ASDA


Joseph has been attending our local preschool since last September. This year he will now be a big boy attending 5 mornings a week. When the kind people asked me to look at their uniform range, I was more than happy to. I am wanting to send Joseph more formally dressed this year to get him used to wearing a uniform.


We were given £20 to spend, with which I bought  a pack of two polo shirts, some brown trousers with adjustable waist, a blue jumper and a winter, fleece lined coat (which Joseph steadfastly refused to model on the basis that "it's summer mummy". I have to confess to shedding a tear to see him so at home in such formal school wear, another reminder that my little dinky dot is growing up fast.


From a premmie mum point of view I am impressed that the trousers fit, as did everything else. The smallest size was 3-4 years, and they fit fine. They could do with being taken up a little, but if you have a skinny minny like me, definitely try George at ASDA. Joseph also said "my new clothes are very comfortable mummy".


We were also given a plain bag to decorate and go wild with. Joseph is not into design yet, but I have to say, I quite like his Impressionist piece and he certainly had oodles of fun doing it! I think the use of colour, brushes and different techniques is most impressive, and you can certainly see it is all his own work! I resisted the allure of a blank canvas (bag) but might just seek my own out......

I was given a £20 allowance to spend online on the George at ASDA Back to School range as well as the canvas bag and some paints and crayons. All opinions are my own (and Joseph's!)


  1. Isn't he very grown up in this! It really is amazing how fast they grow up.

    Sam x

  2. Kylie time just flies. It is hard to believe that my son will start year 7 in September :-) All the best for Joseph's new adventure. I love his bag design - well done to him!

  3. Love the colours of the uniform and a great effort with the bag too xx

  4. Definitely on the more experimental side of art - love it!

  5. Expressing his creative side, looks like he had fun

  6. Ahh - bet he had lots of fun doing the bag!

  7. The Princess and The Pickle .18 September 2012 at 19:59

    The backback design looks like he had a lot of fun! :)