Saturday 29 January 2011

Bed time

This photo was taken last year, in Australia. Back then, Joseph's beloved blankie looked shiny, bright and new, and certainly smellled better. I am a little concerned that it may be confiscated this time, as we cross the Aussie border, as it is pretty horrid!

We are blessed to have a baby and now a toddler, who loves sleep. He is great, you can pop him in bed awake, and he just sings, snuggles his blankie until he goes to sleep. We have always run a fairly tight ship, bed time is bed time. We've always had lots of fun at bed time, songs and games and stories, but once he's in bed, he's in bed.

I do believe its important to start as you mean to go on, that isn't to say that the plonk 'em down and leave them to it method will work for everyone, but I think everyone should give it a try! I think sometimes we can overthink babies sleep routines and what works best. A kiss, a cuddle, and pop him in the cot works for us.

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